A DIY Rustic Box

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DIY Rustic Box for Display or Storage

DIY vintage box, plate rack, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

I have had this DIY project on my list for a long time.

I have built wood toolboxes, flower boxes or planters and faux crate ends (then painted as vintage seed packets) so this was a no brainer but it took me forever to get to it anyways. This box follows the basic guidelines as the toolbox, just cut the ends the same as the sides.

I am so glad I finally got it done and now I am anxious to make some others.   I have big plans to organize and redo my studio cottage. I need it to function better for staging and photographing my creations. I want to build crates and boxes for more stylish storage.
I built this box to hold my white dishes.  I keep these on my counter and needed them to take up less space.
DIY vintage rustic box as plate rack, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

The rustic looking box does a great job and I love it more than I anticipated.  The worn and weathered finish was easy.  I think I may want to do a table top like this.
To see how to get this finish just CLICK HERE.

The lumber was not exactly straight and my miter saw was not cutting straight so I had some challenges.
After photographing my dinnerware in their new box I decided to practice more Fall photography with my little pumpkins and some hydrangea blooms.
DIY vintage rustic box, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

I love the subtle colors of the hydrangea against the rustic box and those little pumpkins are so sweet!  Have you seen the jewel green pumpkins?  I have seen them online but have yet to find some in person.  I would love to gather some up to photograph then paint.
Rustic Vintage box, hydrangeas and white pumpkins, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

I hope I can capture such great light in my studio once I have it repainted.  It makes such a difference in the photos and I know it will help me take better shots of my signs and paintings.
DIY rustic vintage box with Fall hydrangeas and pumpkins, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

I think I will do a quote with one of these photos to share soon.  I enjoy inspirational quotes paired with lovely pictures.  Now to pick the right quote.

Rustic Vintage box, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Tomorrow I work in the gallery and I hope it is a busy day.  It just makes it go by faster.
DIY vintage rustic box, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

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  1. Wow Pamela! Those boxes are so lovely! I love the idea of using it for a plate stand! And even for flowers and decorations! I love it? Do you mind sharing how you stained them? Allso, I found you through Vintage Inspirational Party, I was allso feautured:) Thanks for sharing:) Would love to see you by my blog sometime:) I will be looking out for new post here:)

  2. Thank you, Marilyn! It was such a fun and rewarding project that I have made a couple more in different sizes. They are quite handy to have.

  3. This is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Welcome and yes my little cottage is DIVINE, I agree! I get to spend most of today out there painting custom order signs. Oh dear, how will I cope… (yes, that is sarcasm) ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. This box was so much fun I am going to make more today. I think I want to try to paint some chickadees on one for fun.

  6. You go! And please do share. I am working on a post of readers who have made stuff from my tutorials or posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m visiting from Between Naps on the Porch, because I love anything rustic! I’m so very happy I did!! I love your rustic box and your little cottage is DIVINE!!! Now I’m your newest follower!!!!

  8. I agree, it is a very versatile piece and I can’t wait to build more. I am going to make some for the gallery I am a vendor in. I think they may be a popular item.

  9. I love your wooden box….you can use it for every season to decorate. Beautiful

  10. Your little box can be used for so many different ways. I like it with the flowers and pumpkin.

  11. Thank you Kaye, it did come out better than I had anticipated. Don’t ya love it when a plan comes together.

  12. You can’t go wrong with hydrangeas, can you. Now lets hope I can attain that finish again on the next box.

  13. Oh how pretty. Both the wooden box and the combination with the pumpkins and the hydrangeas. Gorgeous!

  14. It is a wonderful space and I need to do some major cleaning out to make the most of it. I plan on sharing the transformation here so, please, come on back and see how it turns out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Like your rustic box. I have been wanting to make one as well. They are so charming and versatile. Love your studio! I wish I had room for one. It must be nice to have a separate place to create.

  16. curious as to how you get your lettering so perfect?

  17. I haven’t seen one quite like this before. The color combination is beautiful!

  18. I like this unusual pairing of the white pumpkins with the distressed wood and delicate hues of hydrangea. It is unusual and I like that you created something new and different. We see the same thing in so many of the blogs and magazines, but I’ve never seen anyone do this and, and after all, hydrangeas are picked at this time, too. The colors are so restful to the mind and eye. I like this a lot.

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