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A DIY Rustic Box

DIY Rustic Box for Display or Storage

DIY vintage box, plate rack,

I have had this DIY project on my list for a long time.

I have built wood toolboxes, flower boxes or planters and faux crate ends (then painted as vintage seed packets) so this was a no brainer but it took me forever to get to it anyways. This box follows the basic guidelines as the toolbox, just cut the ends the same as the sides.

I am so glad I finally got it done and now I am anxious to make some others.   I have big plans to organize and redo my studio cottage. I need it to function better for staging and photographing my creations. I want to build crates and boxes for more stylish storage.
I built this box to hold my white dishes.  I keep these on my counter and needed them to take up less space.
DIY vintage rustic box as plate rack,

The rustic looking box does a great job and I love it more than I anticipated.  The worn and weathered finish was easy.  I think I may want to do a table top like this.
To see how to get this finish just CLICK HERE.

The lumber was not exactly straight and my miter saw was not cutting straight so I had some challenges.
After photographing my dinnerware in their new box I decided to practice more Fall photography with my little pumpkins and some hydrangea blooms.
DIY vintage rustic box,

I love the subtle colors of the hydrangea against the rustic box and those little pumpkins are so sweet!  Have you seen the jewel green pumpkins?  I have seen them online but have yet to find some in person.  I would love to gather some up to photograph then paint.
Rustic Vintage box, hydrangeas and white pumpkins,

I hope I can capture such great light in my studio once I have it repainted.  It makes such a difference in the photos and I know it will help me take better shots of my signs and paintings.
DIY rustic vintage box with Fall hydrangeas and pumpkins,

I think I will do a quote with one of these photos to share soon.  I enjoy inspirational quotes paired with lovely pictures.  Now to pick the right quote.

Rustic Vintage box,

Tomorrow I work in the gallery and I hope it is a busy day.  It just makes it go by faster.
DIY vintage rustic box,

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