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Autumn Farmhouse Rooster Clock

 Autumn Farmhouse Vintage Rooster Clock
I hand painted a faux vintage Fall clock with an outhouse, roosters and hens.  Just a fun piece for anyone who loves anything vintage and chickens.

I have been working on this for a month or so.  It just seemed to not want to come together and I could not figure out what was wrong.
Then I took a photo of it only partly finished. 
Hand Painted Faux Farmhouse clock, Flower Patch FarmhouseFunny thing about photos, for some reason they bring to light what is missing, distracting or just plain wrong with something better than viewing in person. 
After viewing the photos it dawned on me that the area above and below the scene in center was too blank.
Other clocks I have done had writing on them in those areas…CLICK HERE TO SEE ANOTHER FAUX CLOCK, SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF POSTFor some reason adding writing on this one just didn’t seem to I opted for some scrolls.
Even then it was still missing something…so I added the rest of the numbers, I had thought to just add marks where the numbers should be but I went ahead and went with the numbers. 
I love chickens and just about anything farm, so I hand painted a Fall Farmhouse clock with chickens, Flower Patch Farmhouse.comI am not sure still if I would’ve like the marks instead, maybe, maybe not but it is done now and I have waxed it.  It is ready to go into the gallery. 
Want to see a close up?
Close up of Faux Fall Farmhouse clock with roosters and outhouse, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comI get so busy painting things for others that I fail to take the time to paint for painting sake and that can just suck the joy out of any relaxing activity, if you let it. 
Sometimes I need to remember to paint just what I feel like and not what is expected.  Though this gave me some trouble at first once it came together I got that satisfying peace that comes with just doing something for the fun of it.
I am all for turning your hobby into a business, if you can, but sometimes it can make it feel almost like drudgery instead of the stress reliever it starts as.   I think it is when we get pressured to produce instead of create that it starts to turn south.  
That is when you need to regroup and find a way to meet the demands without losing your creative soul.  I confess I don’t have that mastered yet, if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears.
One thing is I need to not spread myself so thin. 
So here is to a new resolution of being more balanced and not think I can do it all.
Anyone else feel like they are jumping through a bazillion hoops?
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