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Build Your Own She Shed, Tiny House

Build your own DIY Crafting Cottage, She Shed or Garden shed. This is a sweet tiny house design to fit your backyard. A link to downloadable plans included.

The She Shed movement is growing faster than you can imagine. There are kits you can buy and many are investing in the pre-made sheds then fixing them up into sweet little back yard getaways.

If you added a bathroom you could even use this as a tiny house.

I looked into buying a pre-made shed then converting it. Want to know why I didn’t?

Why we built my She Shed

My husband.

Yep, he convinced me for the cost of that shed and the improvements I wanted to make that he could design exactly what I wanted and do it less expensively.

So that is how this little gem of a She Shed came to be. 

In summer it is surrounded by flowers and my garden.

she shed in flower garden

Would you like your own little space like this?

I don’t blame you!

I love mine and use it nearly daily.  It is placed behind my house and is convenient to get to Summer and Winter.

she shed in winter, Flower Patch Farmhouse

I confess to being inside it in winter more, that is when I do more painting and doing videos for my art website: Pamela Groppe Art

With heat and running water it is a snug little spot to create in.

winter she shed Flower Patch Farmhouse

Cheryl’s She shed dilemma

When I saw the State Farm commercial with Cheryl’s She Shed burning down I checked into making sure our homeowners insurance covered my sweet little cottage. 

Thankfully it was easy to get it added and the cost was well worth it. So if you build or get a She shed for yourself be sure to call your homeowners insurance and make sure it is added to the policy!

Would you like to build your own sweet She Shed? 

She Shed DIY Studio Garden Cottage studio,

My husband created full plans for anyone who wants to build their own and the link to purchase is right here and I will link it again further down in this post. 

Press here to get the full plans.

Note: These plans are over 30 pages, it is a detailed with a supply list and dimensions.  You may wish to have it printed at an office supply rather than at home. 

It may be more cost effective. 

I actually was able to help build this and we had a wonderful time. We built it in 2005 and it has paid for itself ten times over. 

If you haven’t seen that post where I share a photo step by step of the building process you can find that here.

Another photo of my She shed in summer.

late july at the She Shed

When we first set up my little cottage She Shed there only tall trees surrounding it.  No garden, lawn, nothing!

Once the trees came down I had a clean slate to create a garden to accent my space and make it even better. 

brandspankin new

So I did. I planted, and planted until it is a blaze of color all summer long. I can paint with the French doors flung wide open and enjoy my garden. 

Inside my little cottage she shed

Are you wondering what the inside looks like?

You can take a peak here….

This photo below was when I had a lawn.  That area is now my Secret Garden filled with flowers, paths and a DIY bird bath fountain.  It is very popular in Summer with the Hummingbirds!

DIY Studio Garden Cottage to build, link to plans to build yourself a fabulous place to create,

Did you know that my space was featured in a best selling book? You can see it here. 

It’s called She Sheds: a Room of her Own.

Now that you have seen my sweet little She Shed it is time to share how you can get the plans to build one for yourself.  

This little cottage measures 12′ x 12′ outside dimensions not including the small front porch. 

My handsome hubby worked long and hard trying to make the plans simple as he can while being comprehensive.

The plans include a supply list, list of tools needed, graphics for each step with measurements for this 12′ x 12′ cottage.

It includes 31 pages of step by step instructions with diagrams and links to helpful resources.


Note: this is a digital product, nothing will be mailed to you. Download to print. Personal use only. 

Happy Building! 


Share a photo if you build one, I would love to see it!PIN and Share

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