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She Shed Cottage Inside

She Shed Cottage Inside, come visit my sweet little creative cottage.

So you loved my How We Built My She Shed. The requests keep pouring in and I have taken my sweet time in posting the interior because it was in such disarray.  

But I forced myself to spend a weekend getting it straightened up and photo worthy.  It took so long because I wanted to make sure all of my supplies were organized in a logical fashion, I want to be able to find them in a snap as I need them.

Now here is my She Shed Cottage Inside.
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I have more Learn to Paint videos and posts to create so having everything in its place is essential to my business.

Keep in mind this space is 12′ x 12′ outside dimensions so take away the wall thickness and you may have 11 feet 4 inches square inside dimensions.

So here we go, I am taking you around the cottage from just inside the French Doors.  We start from the right and pan to the left all the way around.

This is my little painted spattered sink.  Eventually I am going to get some curtain panels made to cover the underneath, I store various things under here like my little Dustbuster Hand Vac, this little gem has been indispensable.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (2 of 10)Continuing around next is my painting table.  This is where I sit to do many of my videos and much of my painting.  My little paint cubby shelf has been one of the best things I have built but after using it for a couple months now I can see how I can improve on the design.  That is a project for another day which I will, of course, share.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (3 of 10) I love being able to look out my windows to the Secret Garden outside.  

That is a work in progress for sure but this summer it should be outstanding.   In the photo above you can see the top of my Obelisk Arbor, I am planning on that being covered with some gorgeous blooms.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (4 of 10)My armoire is great for storage but it takes up so much space.  

I have a feeling it will be finding a new spot in the garage sometime soon as I really do need the space.  The positive side of having it in the garage is it will make me walk for things I need. 

I need more exercise so anything that makes me walk a bit is always a good thing.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (5 of 10)

I am so happy with the new white paint on the walls.  

My husband painted it this past Spring/Summer and it makes it so much brighter inside.  There is a spot in the loft that still needs painting but I hope to get to that soon.  

The back wall is the only one without windows and is perfect for staging photos of signs, paintings and painted furniture.
My painting workbench  is way too big and will need to be shortened or replaced.   This was a great project to build.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (6 of 10)

Typically the top is another surface to do my paintings on, but it also is great for packaging and getting small pieces of furniture at a height that I don’t need to stoop to paint on them.  

The lower shelf is where I let boards that I have base painted dry.  A shorter workbench will be just as useful and less cumbersome to move around, I will consider putting wheels on the next one.

Now we have made it around to the left side of the studio and more windows, these face the side street.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (7 of 10)Though this side is south I don’t get much direct sun in winter, the tall pines and cedar block much of it and I just get dappled sunlight at best.

My Holiday Cactus love it in here, it doesn’t get overly warm like it can in the house. My husband likes the get the house very toasty with the wood stove.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (8 of 10)

The shelving unit is handy and does not intrude into the space like the armoire does, so I am going to utilize it better and place my most used items in the armoire here so they are at hand and what is in the armoire will be more of the less used items.  

With judicious planning I think this will be the best option for making better use of space and leave more open area.  I left enough space behind it to tuck things I don’t necessarily want in full view but they are easy enough to grab out when needed.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (9 of 10)

Now we have come full circle.  The shelf above the doors is handy for storing my painted glass items safely.

She Shed Studio Cottage Interior, (10 of 10)So there you have it, the interior of my Studio Cottage aka She Shed.

I have a few things in mind for improvements.  The flooring has taken a beating and it has been 10 years so I would like to replace it this summer.  The wood look vinyl flooring is lovely and not terribly expensive.

My husband and I have discussed putting in a bay window on the North side, the side with the painting table and paint cubby shelf.  Even a small one with a window seat can add more room without too much expense.
Since I cannot take down the trees on the South side I would like maybe a skylight to add to the lighting but that is more a dream than a real plan.  We shall see.  It is nice to think about though.
I hope you enjoyed the little tour.

I have been asked how I heat my little cottage.  Here is a link to the actual heater I use, it stays on 24/7 for the winter.  Radiant wall heater
t does a great job and if it is super cold I have another little heater that is turned on about an hour before I go in to paint to bring the temp up to a more comfy level.  On average my electric bill goes up about $35 per month to heat my cottage.

So if you had a little cottage she shed like this what would you do inside?


Come tour my favorite work space. A fantastic she shed for dreaming, creating and just relaxing. This could be a fabulous garden shed or even an office. Come see how I use my Studio Cottage.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.