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Plant Propagation

How to propagate plants from cuttings, seeds, root divisions, slips and leaves.

Grow Geraniums from Seed (Pelargoniums)

How to Grow Geraniums from Seed. Easy, step by step instructions on how to grow zonal geraniums from seed. For earlier flowering plants starting in February is recommended but this can be done later too. Are Geraniums Hard to Grow from Seed? No but you do need patience. But they are slow growing so starting …

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How to Propagate Rosemary Cuttings

You can propagate rosemary from cuttings very easily. For many people Rosemary is a tender perennial and must be taken inside during the cold winter months. You can overwinter it in a greenhouse or a very sunny window of your home. Propagate Rosemary from cuttings. This fine rosemary plant has been pruned into the shape …

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