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DIY Farmhouse Cottage Potting Bench

A simple DIY potting bench made from inexpensive fence boards. An easy farmhouse style potting bench you will enjoy for years. 

This is one of the inspirations for this diy potting bench. I spotted this one at a garden show in Boise, Idaho in 2010. It was one of the best shows I had been to with innovation things for the garden. If you are ever in Boise when this show is on I would highly recommend it! It is usually held in March. 


A link to the DIY instructions is at the end of this post.

This potting bench is one of my “Jack of all Trades” type piece of DIY furniture. I use it all the time. It is viewable from our dining/living room and I decorate it as if it were a mantel. I decorate it for each season.

DIY Potting Bench built from fence boards for $45,

I have repainted it several times in different colors and types of paint but the very best paint to hold up has been the original chalk paint by Annie Sloan  It held up through several winters without chipping or peeling. The creamy color is the chalk paint. 

The dark patches in the photo below are mildew from being out in the wet and snow.  The mildew was easy to sand off. 


DIY Potting Bench built from fence boards for $45,

One season was my pink roses and soft pastels.  The small hypertufa planters was meant to be a blog post but I have never gotten that done.  I need to make more for you and share, they were great for succulents. 

DIY Potting Bench built from fence boards for $45,

The yellow used in this photo below was milk paint.  It did not hold up at all and within months was peeling terribly but it was a fun color to try. 

DIY Potting Bench built from cedar fence boards for $45,

I used a sign and hand painted shovel to decorate it for Fall. 

DIY Potting Bench built with cedar fence boards for $45,

Would you like to see how we built it? It cost us around $45 but that was nearly 10 years ago, yes it has held up that long!

I have a long winded post showing how we built this here, Potting Bench Build.





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Myra Lovett

Wednesday 20th of September 2017

Thank you for posting your potting bench. I have wanted one forever and have so many pics saved for ideas. My husband had told me I could have his wood work table he had thrown together and it resembles the base of your potting bench. I told him I wanted to attach a back with a shelf. He said he would build me one. Well, driving around a nearby town one day, I took a shortcut around the back of the back of some buildings. Set out for trash was a wood gate that looks like the back of yours. I had to break it apart with a tire iron to to get it in my car while working in sprinkling rain. It was perfect for my potting bench! I will use your post to inspire my husband how I want the finished product to look. I love the way you decorated for the seasons. Great idea!!


Wednesday 20th of September 2017

LOL, I could visualize the entire scene. Love that you were innovative enough to dig out that tire iron to use. :) I need to get busy and decorate my Potting Bench for this Fall.

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