Potting African Violets babies

Potting African Violet babies is so simple and they will love having room to spread their roots and grow!

Rooting African violets from cuttings is so easy and fun. I shared an entire post on how to root African Violets from leaf cuttings months ago and now I can show you what to do next!

I have a full length free video at the end of this post so you can watch my step by step. Be sure and watch it.

How do you know your African Violet cuttings have rooted?

You will know your African Violet leaf cuttings have rooted when you have little baby popping up next to the mother leaf.

Rooted african violet babies, rooted cuttings

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African violet leaf cuttings can root at different times. Even the leaf cuttings from the same plant that are started at the same time.

Both of these little pots were leaves from the same plant, one has 3 babies that are much larger than the other one that has just 2 babies in it.

Prepare pots for AV babies

Prepare as many pots with potting soil mix that you need for the amount of babies you have. I use one pot per baby.

These are small 3 inch pots I bought off Amazon 10 years ago.

Though am moving away from plastic as much as I can, I will use the ones I already have until they fall apart, then I shall recycle them. I will replace them with these terra cotta pots when I need to.

If you want to know I have an entire post all about why I love terra cotta pots now more than plastic.

potting rooted african violet babies and pots of soil

Best potting soil for African Violets

The potting soil mix I use is usually a good quality potting soil, I am using EB Stones Ednas best, and 1/3 part perlite mixed in for better drainage.

If you wish to use an African Violet potting soil this is an organic one. I haven’t found it necessary to use a specialty mix. A regular good potting soil mixed with more perlite does a great job and is more cost effective.

Lift babies from pot

Using a bamboo skewer gently lift the entire African Violet plant from the pot. The skewer just makes it easier to lift. I am shopping for a very small trowel that is made for jobs like this but in the mean time the skewer works too.

Bamboo skewer used to lift African violet babies from pot

It is easy to slide the skewer down under the plant and to lift while supporting it with the other hand.

Lifting african violet leaf cutting with babies out of pot with bamboo skewer

Tease apart roots

Very gently tease apart the babies and mother leaf. The roots will be intertwined but take your time and they will come apart.

Pulling apart African Violet babies roots

With a pencil or some kind of tool create a divot in the soil of one of the small pots you prepared ahead of time.

Pot African Violet babies

Place the African Violet baby roots into and firm into the soil. (the video shows this better)

Potting up African Violet baby

Place newly potted African Violet plant into a dish of water to soak up. Letting it soak it up rather than pouring it on top helps not to dislodge the plant. With few roots, it doesn’t have a good stability yet.

Once the roots have developed more fully watering from the top is possible too.

Bottom watering newly potted african violet baby

Before you know it you will have loads of beautiful African Violet blooms to brighten your indoor space!

African Violet, trailing african violet plant
varigated african violet blooms with text overlay, Potting African Violet cuttings after rooting, Flower Patch Farmhouse

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