DIY Compost Bin

DIY Compost Bin you can build on a tight budget. Easy and much prettier than pallets!

Build a DIY compost bin quickly, easily and inexpensively. This beautiful compost bin is built from cedar fence boards and cheap 2 x 2s. Simple design anyone can put together in a couple hours.

Build it, fill it and have loads of compost to feed your garden for beautiful, rich soil that makes a garden glorious.

How to start seeds for a beautiful garden full of flowers,

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10 – cedar 6 foot fence boards (5.5 inches wide)
4 – 8 foot 2 x 2 furring strip boards (you can get redwood for $1 more per board)
Exterior Wood glue
2.5 to 3 inche wood screws
Brad nails for nailer

Screw gun (this kit also has a saw if you do not own a miter saw. If you have a local Home Depot check there for this kit)
Brad nailer or use screw gun and wood screws

Cut Materials for Compost Bin

Using a miter saw (or have the big box store cut for you) 4 pieces of 2 x 2 to 36 inches long and 4 pieces to 34 inches long.

cedar fence board to be cut with miter saw

Assemble Frames

Glue and screw two 2 x 2’s at 36 inches to two 2 x 2’s at 34 inches to create a square frame. (predrill holes to prevent splitting of wood, see video for more info)

square frame created from four 2 x 2 boards nailed together

Build another square frame the same as the above, using the remaining 2 x 2 furring strips or redwood.

Cut cedar fence boards

Cut top dogeared portion of cedar fence boards to 37 inches, there should be ten total.

The drops will be used later. the dogeared portion is on the left and drop is on the right in photo below.

dogeared portion of cedar fence board cut to 37 inches

Attach 5 dogeared boards to square frame with brad nails or screws. Spacing evenly across frame (no need to be exact, you can eyeball it)

On this one I did not start at the very end but in the video I show you how I ended up doing it better. (at least I like the video one better)

attaching boards to frame spacing evenly

You should have 5 dogeared boards nailed at the top and bottom of the frame.

Once both frames are done space them out the distance of the drops from the dogeared boards. These will be slightly under 3 feet long.

Here is the math, the cedar fence boards were 6 feet long, you cut 37 inches from the top (36 inches is 3 feet) so what you have left as drops should be around 35 inches long.

Attach side pieces

Turn the framed on their sides and support them to remain upright.

Attach 5 cedar fence board drops to each side of the frame. In the photo below you can see the frames on their side and I am nailing the cross pieces on which creates a box.

lay frames on side to attach drops of fence boards

Place your DIY compost bin in garden

Take to your garden or wherever you are going to locate your compost bin and set in place.

This is one of 3 I built and it is setting next to my pear tree in my side garden.

DIY compost bin in place in the garden looking good

The front view it seems like a piece of fence and is a nice accent and even the side view is pretty too.

side view of diy compost bin from cedar fence boards

To make it even more attractive I will plant morning glories or another climbing annual beside it to vine up and bloom!

Check out my video to see how I fill it and get gorgeous compost. (this compost bin is in my Entrance Garden next to my Butterfly Bush

Fill compost bin

filling the DIY compost bin

Next Spring I will be sure to update and show you what I collect from this bin.

Want to know more about composting, then check out this article or this one…Instant Compost

Happy Compost Building!

Yield: 1

DIY Compost Bin

side view of diy compost bin from cedar fence boards

easy DIY Compost bin you can build on a budget. Not only is it simple to build but it is pretty enough to place anywhere in your garden rather than having to hide it somewhere. Build several to place around your garden for easy clean up and create masses of healthy compost for your garden!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes


  • 10 - cedar 6 foot fence boards (5.5 inches wide)
  • 4 - 8 foot 2 x 2 furring strip boards (you can get redwood for $1 more per board)
  • Exterior Wood glue
  • 2.5 to 3 inch wood screws
  • Brad nails for nailer


  • Miter saw
  • Screw gun
  • Brad nailer or use screw gun and wood screws


    1. Using a miter saw (or have the big box store cut for you) 4 pieces of 2 x 2 to 36 inches long and 4 pieces to 34 inches long.
    2. Create frames from 2 x 2 cut materials.
    3. Cut 10 cedar fence boards from top at 37 inches, set aside drops to use later
    4. Using brad nailer (or shorter wood screws if you prefer) to frames, 5 dog eared fence pieces per frame, spaced evenly.
    5. Set frames on sides, support to keep upright.
    6. Attach cedar fence board drops to create box with frames. (see video on youtube, link in blog post (if confused)
    7. Place new DIY compost bin in garden and fill
    8. In a few months lift compost bin off and use compost at bottom


It is no unusual for the debris at the top of the bin to be uncomposted, just set aside to put back into compost bin once you have removed the composted material beneath.

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