All About Lilacs Grow, Propagate and Bloom

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All About Lilacs – How to Grow, Propagate and Encourage to Bloom. Spring is so much sweeter with Lilacs!

Lilacs are a favorite in Spring, this post is all about lilacs and how you can enjoy them even more! I especially love the heirloom varieties for their superiority of scent.

All About Lilacs

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My various Lilac posts here on Flower Patch are some of the most read so I am not the only one that loves Lilacs. This is a round up of those posts, your one stop shop all about Lilacs!

All About Lilacs- How To Grow

I have covered How to Grow Lilacs which includes how to get those non-flowering duds in your garden to bust out with blossoms.

How to Grow Lilacs from Cuttings,

You might find helping them to bloom is as fun and it is effective.

All About Lilacs – Propagating from Cuttings

How to Propagate Lilacs by cuttings,

Propagating Lilacs from Cuttings is fairly simple.
Most of the time you will be pruning your Lilacs anyways and taking cuttings is done at the same time. Take more cuttings than you think you need, there is always the percentage that don’t make it. 

All About Lilacs – Propagate from Suckers

You know those pesky suckers that come up around the base of Lilacs?  You can dig them up and get more plants from those too! Not only do you get plants but you get a good workout too.
How to Propagate Lilacs from Suckers

How to Grow and Care for Lilacs for a sweet cottage garden,

What kind of Lilacs are you Growing?  Have you tried the re-blooming varieties?

Boomerang Lilac

Update-  I have had this re-blooming lilac for a bit I can honestly say I still love it but the scent is no where near as lovely as the heirloom varieties I have.

Favorite Garden Book of the Moment and Must Read: Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden

I not only grow lilacs but I enjoy painting them.  Have you tried any of my painting tutorials? Lilacs are fairly straightforward to paint and easy enough for beginners.  I paint many different ways but here is the tutorial I have up so far on Lilacs.

Click here for How to Paint Lilacs 

There is even a video at the end of the step by step post.

Click on any title to read all about Lilacs

Guide to How to Grow Lilacs
How to root Lilac Cuttings
How to Propagate Lilacs from Suckers

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Spring is a great time to dig up the suckers, the ground is soft still. I just dug up a few a couple weeks ago from a neighbors yard and they are doing great. You can prune right after they bloom, cut back to a pair of side shoots at the height you wish the bush to be. Here is a good post on pruning lilacs:
    You might find that more helpful than me trying to explain it here.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    I received a lilac bush from my neighbor 2 years ago.
    It now has suckers around the base. When is a good time to dig them up? Also, this bush just grows straight up. Tips for pruning to make it grow bushier?
    Thank you

  3. Some of the newer hybrids just don’t seem to have the heavy perfume like these older varieties, at least the ones I have been around. I just bought a Bloomerang and while it has a faint scent it is nothing compared to the heirloom ones all over my neighborhood. I am waiting to see if it re-blooms well, which is what it is reputed to so.

  4. I have a lilac bush that blooms fairly well but doesn’t tea smell very much, which is why we bought it. Is it because it is a newer variety or something? The old ones I used to smell were fantastic.

  5. I wondered if that would work, but figured it would take longer than two weeks. Most say it takes about 6 weeks of cold to do it, I am so glad to know this and I know others will too. I had heard of someone doing something similar to a clematis in a region where winters don’t get cold enough to force it into real dormancy.

  6. I lived in the desert of California near Mojave and we would plant an empty pot or jug next to the roots of the lilac.. every January for a week or two we would put ice in the container and the trick would produce lilac blooms

  7. I had to google it myself and the answer is yes. I have yet to try it so your best bet is to search online and let me know how it goes. I have a few lilacs in pots and now you have give me an idea, I am going to try the topiary route with one of them.
    Thanks! 🙂

  8. Is it oossible to prune a lilac bush into a round topiary? With mabe a few trunks only? Suggestions please.

  9. I wish I could grow lilacs here in S. Cal. but sadly they only grow in the local mountains. I love the smell! They can fragrance a whole house!

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