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Easy DIY Rustic Toolbox Caddy

You may have seen my trusty DIY rustic Toolbox (some call them totes, a caddy or a crate) in many of my garden photos.  I love using it for staging. The blue is such a great contrast with so many flower colors.

Easy DIY Rustic Toolbox Caddy you can build.

DIY rustic Toolbox planter with Mums. An easy DIY project for the beginner and a great staging tool

Here is one I built a little bit different, instead of curving up to the top on the side pieces I just did angle cuts.

DIY Potting Bench Refresh with chalk finish paint from Plaid Crafts
I shared the link also on how I did the rustic finish on new wood and I used the same technique with this one except I used blue paint.  I think I will do a bit of wet sanding to distress it more but that is another post.
With this one I wanted it to be a toolbox with curved sides and a handle.

DIY Rustic Blue Toolbox,

We put it together a bit differently to show how you can build these boxes and crates several different ways.
First we cut the boards to size. For this toolbox we use a 1 x 6 pine board. You can make this any length you wish.  We used a jigsaw to cut the sides with a curved top. If you want a cut pattern for the curved sides then look for the form below.

Build a Rustic Toolbox DIY,

Instead of using screws this time we used glue and a nail gun.  It just goes faster and if I wish to add some vintage look square nails I can come back and add them after pre-drilling.  I may do that for a more rustic vibe.   Run a bead of wood glue along one side of a side board.

Build a Rustic Toolbox DIY,

Fit along the edge of the bottom piece and nail in place.

Build a Rustic Toolbox DIY,

Flip over and do the same with the other side board.  You can build this with screws or nails and hammer, we just used the nail gun for expediency sake.

Build a Rustic Toolbox DIY,

Now you should have something that looks like this..

Build a Rustic Tool Box DIY,

Instead of applying the end boards to the outside this time I am going to put them inside of the two sideboards.  Run a bead of glue along each edge of the end piece where the boards will be attached together.

Build a Rustic Tool Box DIY,

Now nail it together.  You can easily wipe off the glue that squeezes out while it is wet.  Once it dries that is a whole other story.

Build a Rustic Tool Box DIY,

Once you have both ends put on you will have something like this.

Build a Blue Rustic Toolbox DIY,

Measure between the top of the end pieces to cut your closet pole for a handle.

Build a Blue rustic Tool Box DIY,

This piece we will screw in to make it sturdier for lifting.

Build a Rustic Tool Box DIY,

Add a bit of touch up paint, distress some more with sand paper or steel wool also can give you a distressed look.

DIY Rustic Tool Box Tutorial,

These are so fun to make as they are very easy.  But also they are great for some many things.  Storage, centerpieces on the table, planter boxes in the garden…just use your imagination.

Rustic Blue Toolbox DIY, (10 of 19)

I am thinking I want to paint something on this one, maybe some sunflowers.  The golden yellow would just pop against the blue, or maybe some white daisies…or I can put some graphics for a more vintage advertisement vibe…

DIY Rustic Blue Tool Box,

I wish you Happy Building!

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