Potting Bench Decorated for Fall still no Mantel

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Okay, now it really is Fall!

fall potting bench 1

I know many have jumped on the Autumn bandwagon weeks before it actually began but…

I am a hold out. 

I don’t want to feel time is being rushed,

just enjoy each season as it arrives…

at my leisure.

Now that The calendar confirms Autumn is actually here and the temps have actually dropped,

I am ready to welcome Fall.

potting bench close2

Since I still do not have a mantel (found one I want to build but have yet to get there) I decorate my potting bench.

Here I decorated my potting bench for Fall!  I have been using it all summer for various tasks, it has been so very useful.

Here I used it as an easel,

when I gave an easy Sunflower painting tutorial.

paint a sunflower tutorial 22

The potting bench worked fabulously.

I love painting out on my back deck….

when it is warm.

Here is how I decorated it last year.

Autumn Potting Bench 2012

While dinking with photographing and staging the bench I was also trying to shove things under my canopy tent.

The poles were supposed to prevent rain from pooling, it rained so hard and so much that it was a losing proposition.

No matter what.

before the rain

I really had wanted to move it all into a better protective area but my husband kept insisting this would work fine.

I did not really think so,

but trusted his judgment.

I especially wanted to protect my table I am painting with Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint.

rain on Miss Mustard seed


I could be mad but I had a gut feeling it would not work and should’ve gone with my instincts.

rain on Miss Mustard seed sky

I think it will sand out okay.  I will give it a whirl. 

If not, start from scratch.

Back to my potting bench for Fall.

I had a little helper arrive.

fall potting bench 2013

He is my little Pumpkin. 

He is the finishing touch to my bench.

benjmain potting bench 2

Today I clean up the mess under the tent and I have signs to paint. 

I know Fall is here as I had to turn on my heater in the studio last night so it would be comfy in there to paint today.

Yep, summer is over.  But I still have a few garden photos to share. 

Next time.


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  1. What color paint did you use on your potting bench? It looks like an antique white.

  2. Pamela, the little guy is definitely a cute little punkin! Fun idea to decorate your potting bench for Fall. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. Love the potting bench but your little helper out shines it:)

  4. I called my kids “little punkin” and my grandlittle the same….yours is adorable. In fact he is so cute in this picture that I doubt anyone can look at it without busting out laughing in delight!

  5. Thank you so much. I saw that in the email from your Blog (I am a subscriber) earlier but have been gone and in an area with no internet so I could not say a BIG thank you until now. πŸ™‚

  6. Yep, Benjamin, my sweetie pie nephew does make the best decoration, doesn’t he. He always has the sweet grin for his Auntie Pam, even at 4am. πŸ˜‰

  7. The table top peeled completely so I will sand it good and start again, the base seems to be just fine.

  8. Sand paper is my friend, the entire top bubbled and peeled but it is fixable.

  9. It is fairly straight forward and this one has been outside in all sorts of weather and has held up fabulously.

  10. love the potting bench, would love to make one just like this some day!

  11. Wow, I love the bench, especially with that little accessory on the bottom shelf πŸ˜‰ Boy is he a cutie! Hope your table finishes up well. I have faith that you will make it look beautiful.

  12. Your potting bench is multi-functional! Love it πŸ™‚ Your little pumpkin is adorable! Too bad about your table.

  13. I love your potting bench, but nothing can compare to that precious cutie. So cute. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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