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Fall at the Studio Cottage

Fall at the Studio Cottage (aka She Shed)


This week has been spent mostly in my studio cottage, one of my favoritest spots to be.  You can read all about my Cottage and how we built it HERE.  It has been one of the best investments we have made.  I use it just about daily and I am in the process of redecorating it.  I have tons of ideas for decor on my list I want to share but that is for another day.   Today it is all about the front porch. So here we go…Fall at the Studio Cottage!

Last week I trimmed back the roses and scrubbed the walls beside the French Doors.  I still need to get to the area above the doors scrubbed but that will take a ladder and I was impatient to get to the fun and colorful part. Here she is all bland. It had just rained, thus the misty sky.

I have tons of Mums I saved from last Fall.  I can’t stand to just toss a perfectly good plant so as Fall wanes I either plant them in the garden or I keep them in pots and huddle them up against my greenhouse or under my back deck.  They live on to be beautiful another day.

Fall at the Studio Cottage She Shed

My Garden bench I have featured on my Cottage porch before, it is the perfect size to set here and be pretty.  I repainted it this year, I tested out a color from Plaid FolkArt on it, it is called Farmhouse Ochre, it is part of their Milk Paint line.
Fall at the Studio Cottage She Shed

The window sitting on the bench is my practice piece.  I am painting some windows at the gallery where I sell my art and I wanted to test my ideas out ahead of time.  I just love the colors, I couldn’t help but include it io my Fall porch.

I will have to take in the Begonia, the night time temps will get too low soon for it to survive.  I am going to overwinter it indoors. My lobelia will go into the greenhouse.  Sometimes they make it sometimes they don’t but I easily start them from seeds so I don’t sweat it much.

Fall at the Studio Cottage She Shed

My Japanese Maples are shedding their leaves. I have a ton that I started from seeds and each has a different color in Fall. You can see a few on each side of the cottage.

Fall at the Studio Cottage She Shed

You can see a couple of them better in this shot. They are all in pots and I am having a hard time choosing spots in my garden to plant them.  I just may keep them in pots and move them about as I like.

Fall at the Studio Cottage She Shed

Now off to paint the gallery windows I go.

Have a Happy Fall Day!


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Fall at the Studio Cottage She Shed. Come visit my favorite place to create. I have her all dressed up for Fall!



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