Gorgeous Potting Bench for Fall

This DIY potting bench for Fall is celebrating the season in style. A humble fence board DIY build looks pretty good decked out in Autumn glory.

You have seen my diy potting bench before and now it is decked out for Fall. 

I have been loading up on Mums.  The local garden center has them at a very affordable price and the ones I bought last year have done fabulous in the ground so I don’t feel bad for gathering up as many as my budget allows.

DIY Potting Bench in Fall

We built this potting bench a few years ago and it has been one of the most used pieces we have built yet.  This sits on our back deck and can be seen from our dining room sliding glass doors, which means it is seen from the living room as well.

Tap here to see how we built it.

A DIY Potting bench all gussied up for Fall with lots of DIY projects! FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

DIY Potting Bench Uses

I use this as a place to display the latest seasons delights but also it is used as a sideboard when we entertain, a potting bench when I am working on plants and as a back drop for some of my photography.

If you wish to see it in all seasons then go ahead and click HERE, POTTING BENCH THROUGH THE SEASONS.

DIY Potting Bench decorated for Fall, lots of hand made projects included in the decor! FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com


How to Decorate your Potting Bench on the Cheap

My nephews brought me the little pine cones stacked in the small metal basket, they collected them on a trip to one of our local parks with Grandma just for me.

Fall Potting Bench natural decor

And the larger gigantic cones I collected from the woods across from my house.  Those are from the Sugar Pines and will give you a concussion if they fall on your head or put a dent in the roof of your car. 

They typically fall from the trees with help from the squirrels when they are still green and very heavy. If you are in the piney woods and you hear what sounds like a missile dropping then duck and run.  Once they are open and dry they are virtually harmless, though still sticky and gooey with pitch.

They make the best fire starters on cold mornings.  I gather as many as I can store in my woodshed for the winter. 
Sugar Pine Cone with vintage Crock, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

What is really nice is they are decorative as well as useful.  In a small home like ours there is not much room for things that serve only one purpose.  Keeping it simple and useful works best.  

The little toolbox was one of my projects as well and it works great for displaying the 4 inch pots of flowers you get at the nursery, like these mums.  (for see how to build click here DIY TOOLBOX)

DIY Toolbox planter with Mums. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

The little pumpkin is from my garden.  They grew from some ornamental pumpkins I bought two years ago then tossed into the compost heap when they were mushy and done.  I have done this for a few years now and don’t need to buy ornamental pumpkins in Fall unless I want something a little different.  

The Fall Scrabble tiles was a fun project and I made sure to have tutorials on how to paint both the Autumn leaves for the one side and an orange pumpkin for the other.  I just need to buff on a coat of wax and they will go to their new home.

Fall Scrabble Tiles for fun Autumn decor, the leaf has a pumpkin on the other side. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

The mason jar has a solar lid that lights up at night, it casts a soft glow when it is dark.

The old ladder setting beside the potting bench has a couple more mums displayed on it with some draping sweet potato vine.  I love the tendril of chartreuse color.

Old rustic ladder draped in Fall. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

There is a Japanese Maple in the galvanized tub that will soon turn golden as the nights begin to cool more adding even more Autumn fun to the rest.

The only thing I think that would’ve made it just a bit better is Sunflowers.  Maybe I can paint some to add here somewhere.

Fall Potting Bench dressed up for the season, Autumn decor and diy projects galore! FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Next project is decking out my studio cottage porch for Fall as well.

As far as my garden I have been cleaning up the faded flowers and planting broccoli, brussel sprouts and lettuce in my veggie patch,  seeding for next Spring and separating my Iris‘.

I am enjoying this fine Fall weather and I am psyching myself up for winter.  I plan on enjoying any and all wet or snowy weather we may be blessed with this season.

Happy Fall everyone!


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  1. Your bench is charming. What a sight your deck must be with those fall colors. Enjoyed the lesson on the Sugar Pine cones. Years ago we made a trip to California and I picked one up. I was fascinated with it until we had to clean the sticky pine tar off the floor of the camper each night when we went to bed.

  2. Yes, the pine cones are pretty pitchy. There is a trick to heat them in the oven that makes all the pitch come out but if I remember to put on gloves to handle them then it really isn’t worth the effort. Plus these are so big I could only do a couple at a time. They will be used as kindling this winter and the pitch is what makes them so desirable for that. When all my Japanese Maples turn their Autumn colors then it really is even more bright and lovely. The nights have been too warm for them so far but soon it will cool down.

  3. This is so pretty! I love the color and texture variety, and those massive pinecones are awesome!

  4. They are pretty as long as they don’t bonk you on the head. 🙂 The squirrel make quick work of many but a few survive to be pretty as lovely sprays in the winter that are hung around the neighborhood along with cuttings from cedar limbs and red velvet ribbons. I will have to photograph some this year to share.

  5. This is gorgeous! I have an old iron stove outside by my barn entrance (the kind my grandma used to cook on!) and I think I will decorate it up like you’ve done with your bench! Thanks for all your beautiful ideas 🙂

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