How to Build a Sweetheart Bench

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How to Build a Sweetheart Bench DIY, an easy bench you can build quickly.  Perfect for your garden, entryway, or wherever you need a bit of extra seating.

Need a new bench?  I have got you covered, this post, How to Build a Sweetheart bench will have you building one in no time and the pattern for the design is included below.

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rose painted bench with wording, How to Build a Sweetheart bench

I don’t know why I nicknamed this bench a Sweetheart Bench but I did.  It just stuck in my brain.

DIY farmhouse bench with roses painted on it, How to Build a Sweetheart Bench

It is similar to the Farmhouse / Victorian Garden Bench I have shared in a prior post.

DIY How to Build a Victorian Garden Bench

The building procedure is the same so just follow the link for the step by step.   The only difference is the length and the pattern to cut in the apron and on the legs.

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1 Eight foot 1″ x 12″ pine board (a six-footer may work but I like to have a bit of wiggle room)
1  Eight foot 1″ x 6″ pine board
Wood Glue
Palm Sander (optional, you can just sand by hand)
Chop saw
Brad Nailer (or hammer and nails, screws will work too.)
Pattern to cut shapes on the apron and legs of the bench.

I built this bench 36 inches long.  A nice size to fit in smaller spots in the garden, on your porch or in your home.

But you can make it longer, just get enough lumber to extend accordingly.

Cut List

Cut your 1 x 12
1 Seat @ 36″ long
2 Legs @18″ long
Cut your 1 x 6
2 Sides @ 36″ long

With the roses painted on it, it is the bright spot on my studio cottage front porch during this dull time of year.

I used a crackle finish on the Sweetheart Bench before painting on the roses and I show you how I do that HERE.

Paint it

She shed garden cottage with bench on porch, How to Build a Sweetheart Bench

I have a couple of rose painting tutorials available on my painting site so if you wish you can paint roses on your bench as well.  How to Paint a Rose and How to Paint the Back of a Rose

If you build one let me know how it turned out!

Sweet Heart Rosy Bench, (2 of 2)

I wish you happy Bench Building.

To get the printable cut-out pattern for this bench just sign in or sign up for a free account.

Sweet Heart Bench Pattern

get the pattern

Build a Sweet Heart Bench

Press the button to download and print your free printable pattern for this lovely little garden bench!

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  1. Me Too. I am going to make a Bench for our Porch from from a very old Headboard and Footboard that my Brother gave me. It had been my Grandmothers. I’m not very good at Painting Roses. I am going to check out your Tutorial on how to Paint Flowers. If it turns out Good I may Post it on my Blog, and I’ll certainly give you credit for teaching me How To Paint Roses. Thanks Pamela

  2. I do like the design of this bench, though the original one I have posted is an easy one to build as well. I have made several of those and painted with different designs. I just love benches for some reason.

  3. Hi Pamela, I think that’s the Sweetest Little Bench I’ve Ever Seen! But, You always do a good Job.

  4. I enjoy my little cottage just about daily. I am so glad you found the rose back tutorial helpful. I am constantly trying to improve it.

  5. With the garden being so drab and brown it needed something….other than a good powerwash. The photos show up the dust and dirt on the siding, I need to take care of that soon. Funny how you can spot things in a photo that you are oblivious to otherwise.

  6. You’re so right it looks perfect on the porch of your cottage 🙂 How charming!

  7. I love it! Just sweet and lovely….and I LOVE your tutorial on the ‘back of the rose’. Thank you for sharing. I want a backyard shed just like yours, it is beautiful!

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