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easy Prune Christmas Cactus

Prune your Christmas Cactus. Pruning is easy and keeps them healthy, bushy, and in check.  Got a Christmas Cactus that is outgrowing its space?  Prune it! Step by step how to prune Christmas Cactus.  This information also applies to your Thanksgiving Cactus, if you want to know the difference go to this post, Christmas Cactus …

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easy How to Root Christmas Cactus Cuttings

Do you have a Christmas Cactus you want to propagate from cuttings?  I have a quick and easy method to root Christmas Cactus cuttings (also Thanksgiving Cactus) successfully every time! It is so easy to root Christmas Cactus plant cuttings along with all the other Holiday Cactus, you won’t believe it! I have had pieces …

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Thanksgiving Cactus vs Christmas Cactus

Thanksgiving cactus vs Christmas Cactus, many times they are confused or mis-labeled.  I show you how easy it is to tell which one is which. Do you know the difference between a Thanksgiving cactus and a Christmas cactus?   I see folks all the time wondering why their so-called ‘Christmas cactus’ is setting buds and …

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easy Christmas Cactus Care

Easy Christmas Cactus Care tips to grow happy healthy plants. Zygocactus care is easy for beginners.  This is how you can get loads of blooms and healthy plants year-round! Easy Christmas Cactus care tips and tricks for healthy, happy and repeat blooming plants. I have both the Thanksgiving and Christmas Cactus plants which are also …

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