Organizing My Garden Cottage Studio 2

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Organizing my Garden cottage Studio stage 2

You may not recognize much progress in organizing my garden cottage studio.  Let me assure you there has been a lot of progress.

Last week it looked pretty bad, click here to see the first post in this short series.

Organizing my Garden cottage studio stage 2, a work in progress!

You know many times when you are really de-cluttering it looks worse before it looks better.  I have actually removed several sizable boxes of stuff.  I am being deliberate.  Sometimes it is so overwhelming I just want to toss stuff to the curb.

But I need to give things considerable thought.  Will I really need something later on?  Where is a logical place to store it so I can access it in little time? I hate wasting time trying to find something I know I have but I can’t remember where I placed it.

Organizing my Garden cottage studio stage 2, a work in progress!

The armoire against the back wall housed tons of stuff but it was a catch all.  There was plenty of things in there that I hadn’t used in years and I don’t visually myself using it in the near future. So out it went.

The armoire is going to be removed as well.  It is too bulky for this space.

Organizing my Garden cottage studio stage 2, a work in progress!

My camera and tripod are up on the table to just get it out of the way for the moment.  I had used it earlier this week to video a couple painting tutorials.

That is another reason I am taking longer than you would think it should take to get this space in order.  I have to continue working in it while I am cleaning it out.

Organizing my Garden cottage studio stage 2, a work in progress!

Next Monday there should be a more noticeable difference.  I have a plan for storage that keeps all my items in one spot and now it is a matter of moving much of it to that place.

And that is as far as I have gotten organizing my garden cottage studio.

How it your creative space clean up coming?

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  1. Elizabeth Roberts says:

    Looking for diy projects

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Another vote for looking worse before better. Because the two rooms am working on are so smalI have to move much of what am going thru to the front hall so I have room in the rooms to move around and find places to store what I do need. The smallest room is for sewing and other room for general crafting. Am in process of rounding up all beads to sell as don’t make jewelry any more, have a buyer in TX but don’t have money to ship them yet..
    Have so much to do before can organize, ugh, but has to be done., Figured winter was good time to get to it. Need to cull a great deal but have hard time parting with things I tell myself might need some day – famous last words?
    Will be encouraged to see what and how you do your cottage studio. Good luck in your progress. Have great productivewek.

  3. Norma Rolader says:

    You are getting it done

  4. Becky E Bushong says:

    I know what you mean. My craft room has become a craft supply room. An unorganized mess.

  5. I know what you mean about it looking worse before it looks better. I can’t wait to see what you will use instead of the armoire. Keep up the good work!

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