Fabulous Friday

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Fabulous Friday

This is just a bit of randomness, a collection of goings on of this past week.
My hens are laying fools right now and the range of egg colors is so eye catching that it begs to be shared.

bowl of colorful chicken eggs, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com
I was going to make a “Basics” painting tutorial and video but that got side lined as I got involved in practicing a painting.
I want to have a painting party and I picked this one to do.

Practice painting.I want to be comfortable with the painting before attempting to explain it step by step to anyone else.
I am so glad I did practice, there was a couple tricky parts and now that I have painted my way thru it I can help others with a bit more confidence.  Plus it was just plain fun!

I am trying to figure out what I want to do on my back deck.  I have a new little table and chairs set I want to use.  I actually got this to put in my new back garden area but I like it so much I am thinking of keeping it on the back deck.  I need to get a big market umbrella for shade as the heat has arrived here.
It is all just a jumble right now so I need to get busy on it so I can really enjoy it this summer.
June 12, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com (1 of 39)
I saw this post over at Shabby Art Boutique and immediately knew I was going to use bricks.  They will work great in a miniature garden.
She built hers from wood but with a little modification bricks work too.
I have it sitting in my greenhouse so I can see it every time I walk in.  It just makes me smile.
painted brick cottage, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comMy garden is blooming like crazy.  I am trying to bring a bit of order to the chaos it is in, whenever I get the chance.   But even in its disorder it is so relaxing just to be in it.
Elke Hardy or Cranesbill geraniumI need to do another full garden post of what is blooming.  In the past week so many flowers have started to open up.  The yellows and oranges are beginning to bloom so the garden is no longer ruled by pinks and purples.
We have been blessed with a bit of rain the past few days. Afternoon thunder showers and though the rain has been on the light side, every little bit helps.   But I am keeping my ornamental plants well watered with our gray water.  So even with the drought I can have my gorgeous garden without feeling guilty of using up precious water.

Have a great Weekend!

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  1. I have cross bred some to get the different colors. I love the colorful ‘bouquet’ of eggs when I collect them. It is just so fun!

  2. Sally Bridges-Stanbrough says:

    I never realized chickens laid so many different colored eggs! My grandmothers always were just white! I think they are really pretty all together!!

  3. lovely joy merced says:

    so cute random things, I enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures ^_^

  4. Those eggs are fabulous, Pamela. I want to paint with you!

  5. Love the painting, and the paver brick is so darn cute. What a brilliant idea for underfoot.

  6. Thank you, Dot. I have a wide variety of breeds just for the egg colors. I think it is just fun.

  7. How old are your hens? Mine took a 2 month long break March and April to moult. Not one egg came from the Ladies but that is normal. I have a batch of new ones that will start laying in Fall and a few of my older girls will find new homes. The feed store takes them and farmers from around come get them and let the free range their fields etc. They kill baby snakes and keep other vermin in check. So I guess you could say it is like sending them to a glorious retirement home. 🙂

  8. We had Bared Rock chickens and a few Aracanus which laid bluegreen eggs but I never got the verity that you have they are really pretty. Thank You for sharing. I enjoy your news letter very much.

  9. Hi Pamela I also have Chickens I think I’ve spoiled them. My hens always get layer food they have a handsome Rooster (Rue) for company and they still refuse to lay! I think I might send Mr.Rue on vacation to another coop and give the Girls something to think about. Fresh eggs sure would be good. Any way love your posts. Donna

  10. Love your Blog. It is inspiring, makes me want to paint more. You must be full of energie. continue the great work. Ang

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