Paint a Radish and Carrot, Vintage Seed Packet Sign cont.

Paint a Vintage Seed Packet Sign for you DIY Farmhouse Decor, a step by step tutorial.

Vintage Crate Seed Packet Sign Art,

As promised in my last post I am back to show you how to paint the radishes and carrots to finish off your faux vintage signs.
If you missed the last post on building the faux crate sign just Click Here
At the end of this post is a link to the painting pattern for these signs.

First the Radish
Learn How to Paint a Radish,
Nothing fancy, but it is what I had sketched up and/or printed for these and you might find them useful.
First lay out your pattern or copy the one in the link onto your surface with graphite paper.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (16 of 36)

I used a #12 flat  to paint the background leaves.
Double load the brush with Black Forest Green and Avocado.
Stroke in the leaves using a elongated scallop stroke.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (19 of 36)

You can let that dry for a minute or two while you get out your next colors.
For the lighter leaves I used a #10 flat brush and double loaded with Avocado and Celery Green.
Again stroke in a elongated scallop stroke.
If you prefer you can let the first coat dry and do another to get the lighter green more opaque.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (20 of 36)

On a dark surface the radishes will need to be undercoated with white.
On a dark surface craft paints are dulled so if you want a color to show up brighter always undercoat with white.
After the white dries paint in the radishes with Cranberry Wine.
Reds are not opaque so you may want to do a couple coats.
After Cranberry Wine dries, then paint on some Alizarin Crimson on areas you want some brighter red.
Let that dry, then add a touch of Primary red.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (25 of 36)

To add some highlights add a touch of white in a slight comma stroke to a curve.
And a line of white at the tip with the edge of your brush.
Add a shadow under the middle radish with cranberry wine mixed with a touch of black.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (26 of 36)

Now on to the carrot

Learn to Paint a Carrot,
Draw on your carrots.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (27 of 36)

I failed to photograph the foliage on the carrot, but basically you pounce in Evergreen with a scruffy brush, then add a touch of Irish Moss as a highlight.
If you look at the foliage in the photos you can see how I did it.
I undercoated in Georgia Clay and a #10 flat brush.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (29 of 36)

Let that dry then go over that with Tangelo Orange.
Radish & Carrot Painting, (30 of 36)

Add dimension with some shadowing, side load the brush corner with Burnt Umber and stroke along areas to simulate creases.
With a liner brush add some little roots.

Radish & Carrot Painting, (32 of 36)

Once the paint dries thoroughly either wax over it all to protect or use a coat of Varathane (only water base, an oil base will lift acrylic paints)
Oh, I almost forgot.
To do the lettering just trace over the Radish or Carrot pattern onto your surface and fill in with black paint.
Click here to view a video on how I do my lettering for most signs.
July 23 (2 of 40)

The bottom is a simple banner I taped off with painters tape and filled in then added the lettering after printing it out in Word.
Scott is my maiden name so that is why I picked Scott Seed Co. to add the finishing touch.
Here they are hanging in my studio over my painting table.
vintage seed packet signs, FlowerPatchFarmhouse

Supply List:

For this I used Americana DecoArt bottle craft paint in the following colors:

Cranberry Wine
Alizarin Crimson
Primary Red
Titanium White
Black Forest Green
Irish Moss
Georgia Clay
Tangelo Orange
Burnt Umber
#12 Flat brush
#10 Flat Brush
Scruffy Brush
Liner brush

You can use any colors you have in your stash, these are just the actual colors I used. Most of these should be available at your local craft store including Michaels, Hobby Lobby and/or JoAnn’s.

Pattern and step by step ebook is available here: Vintage Seed Packet Sign

Paint away and make yourself some vintage seed packets signs today!

Happy Painting!
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    1. I may just have to make a new video, I can’t seem to figure out how to add in a narrative without buying software.

    1. Oh, thank you Holly, that is so kind. I am adding Fruit crate ones soon so come on back!

  1. I am running a few days behind here but I am so glad I remembered to see what you were up to. This is something I can tackle. I would love to have these hanging on the back porch. Very cute! Thank you for the list and the drawing.
    You know I am having the same problem with all the blogs I subscribe to. Sometimes they arrive in my email but many times they do not. They are not in SPAM. I know there have been problems in blogland in the past Is it still going on or is it just my setup?

  2. Absolutely loving it! It reminds me of grocery shop trips with my mum when I was a kid ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It does evoke fond memories. I can’t wait to paint the faux fruit crate ones. I have them built, now to paint. With Fall approaching, I should do some pumpkins too. I love pumpkins!

    1. Thank you, Denise. I did enjoy building then painting them, the design had been rattling around in my brain for awhile. More to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. These paintings are stunning! Thank you for sharing this post. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

    1. thanks Jenny. I want to do some with fruit labels soon so check back. I hope they turn out as well as these did.

  4. These are so cute! Do you think this painting is simple enough for a novice to do? I’m fairly artistic but I haven’t done this type of painting before…

    1. Yes, I do think you could do them and when you do send me a photo, I would love to see them. I hope to get the ‘redone’ video posted soon.

  5. This is so charming. I lack drawing skills, so I find this amazing. I’ll look for your video. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

    1. I really do need to get that video up even if it does not have sound. Thanks for the reminder. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Love this! Great job. Visiting from MMS & am definitely pinning. So glad to have found your site

    1. Welcome and I am glad you found me too. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are always having fun over here.

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