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Planting for Scent in Your Garden

Planting for Scent in Your Garden, adding flowers primarily for scent adds another level of pleasure to your fabulous garden.

I love planting for scent.  Is there anything better than walking into a beautiful garden and being greeted with the sweetest perfume wafting on the air?  You look around to see what could possibly be emitting such fragrance and follow your nose to a lovely flower that is as enjoyable to view as it is to smell.

Garden for Scent, Planting for Scent

Each part of the garden season has its own sweet smelling contributions.

I have favorites for Spring like bright, cheery violas..
Garden for Scent, Plant for Scent

They come in such an array of colors but their scent is pure Spring for me.  I plant my window boxes full in Fall, they sit there all winter huddle together then on the first warm days they bounce into bloom and emit a light deliciousness that just screams Spring for me, even if Spring is a bit down the road yet.
Garden for Scent, Planting for Scent

Sweet Williams give off a soft fragrance as well and they are early bloomers here.  I did an entire post on growing Sweet Williams as many are not familiar with this close cousin of the Dianthus..planting for scent, garden for scent, perfume in the garden

Some of my heirloom Iris (my grandmother called them Flags) also have a fun scent, it reminds me of Grape Kool-Aid and they bloom early and last for weeks on end.
Planting for Scent

A bit later comes the roses…never forget the roses.  Find ones that are particularly scented.  David Austins site lists which of his have won awards for scent and usually many good sites to purchase plants from will tell you if a plant is well perfumed.
Planting for Scent

Wait!  I almost forgot my harbinger of Spring!

Lilacs, I have a couple of posts dedicated to them and they are beloved by me, I have started a few from heirloom plants and there is no sweeter scent first thing in Spring.
How to Grow and Care for Lilacs for a sweet cottage garden,

As the Spring flowers fade then the Summer bloomers are ready for their time on center stage….Sweet Peas can’t be beat this time of year.
planting for scent

I shouldn’t say can’t be beat as the Lilies get started they have a strong perfume that you can smell from across the garden but they are more short lived than the Sweet Peas.

Here the Trumpet Lilies start first and they have a unique to them scent..this is in my side garden but I planted more of these in my Secret Garden in back in different colors.
planting for scent, trumpet lily

Then come my Oriental Lilies…I need to do an entire post sharing my different colors.  Has anyone grown the Orienpet lilies?  I have some in my Secret Garden but they did not do so well this year, I was wondering if it was me or if others have struggled with them.
Here is a post from someone who enjoys Lilies as much as I. CLICK HERE
Late Summer Garden 2016, Oriental Lilies

Oriental Lily

I have some Echinacea that are also slightly scented, you need to bend down close to catch it but it is so these beauties soldier on through the toughest heat with aplomb!
How to Grow Purple Coneflower aka Echinacea

I have other fragrant plants that I love, herbs come to mind and when I brush against my lavender I am rewarded with an pungent, earthy but relaxing scent.  I need to plant more in the side garden.
Late Summer Garden 2016, Lavender
There are more plants for scent that I have yet to add to my garden but some of my garden friends have favorites of their own to share, I want to try some of these,
Scented Geraniums
Mosquito Repelling Plants (I gotta try some of these in pots on my deck)
And another Fragrant Garden post from Sensible Gardening

Any scented favorites you in your garden that I haven’t tried or listed? I love to try new plants.

Happy Gardening!



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ate Summer Garden 2016, Black Eyed Susans
Late Summer Garden 2016
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