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You can Grow Roses, I show you how!

Want to learn how to grow roses?  I grow tons of roses in a tough environment. I show you how I grow roses easily and successfully.

I have written several garden posts on roses and thought to organize them on one page for your reference.  Love roses?  Then I have you covered here.  How to grow beautiful roses in your garden.

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all about roses, propagate, grow and prune.

How to Prune Climbing Roses

My climbers bloom non-stop all summer and provide plenty of height to my gardens.  

Climbers take a bit of a different approach to pruning than bush type but it is still easy to accomplish. CLICK HERE to see how it is done

all about roses, propagate, grow and prune.

Basics of growing Roses

Roses are Easy to Grow

So many think roses are difficult to grow or take a lot of chemicals to keep. Not so!  I garden organically and I have gorgeous roses every year. CLICK HERE

all about roses, propagate, grow and prune.

Myths about Roses and what Not to Believe

Ten Rose Care Myths Debunked

Some common misconceptions on growing roses.  I see these all the time on the web and Pinterest. There is a lot of junk out there, so learn the facts and dump the fiction! CLICK HERE

all about roses, propagate, grow and prune.

A great way to grow Roses in Small Spaces

How to Pillar a Rose

An easy way to keep a roses in a tighter space and keep it loaded with blooms too! Great for small gardens. CLICK HERE

I even have a post on building an easy obelisk to attach your roses to.  CLICK HERE to see it.

Rooting Roses Fast and Easy

Air Layering to Root Roses

I LOVE this method of propagating roses.  You get a great size rose that will bloom the very next season unlike cuttings that can sometimes take a couple years to produce flowers. CLICK HERE

You Are the Beholder Inspirational Quote

Rooting Roses a bit Slower but just as successful

Root Roses from Cuttings

Super easy way to root roses for more glorious plants, fast, fun and easy for kids too!

Though I really love layering for rose propagation I still do take cuttings (slips).  It is easy to get more of what you love with cuttings and it is so low cost.  You will love the beautiful results!  There is something so gratifying in growing a wonderful rose from a little stick. CLICK HERE to give it a try!

What happens if a Rose looks like it is dying?

potted rose with text overlay, How to Save a Dying Rose, Flower Patch Farmhouse

Press here to see the step by step instructions with video on how to save a dying rose or move an established rose at the wrong time of year.  This method works for both situations. 

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Happy Rose Growing!



All about roses, how to grow, propagate and prune. One stop shop for your rose care tips, tricks and solutions.

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Propagate Clematis by Layering
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