Garden Journal Update May 6th

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I am behind on my garden journal but here is an update that includes the past two weeks. There is so much starting to grow rapidly!

Garden Journal week of April 30th and May 6th.  My last Garden Journal post was April 22, for comparison.  My videos are a little shaky but I have been shopping around for a better set up for my garden vlogging.

Lots happening.  I have a bear that keeps breaking into my greenhouse and being very destructive.  He ripped the panel right out of the back side tearing the redwood frame.

Cleaning up after him has taken up time, but I did get some video of both weeks for you, though the first one is done in the wrong aspect.  I guess seeing this first thing in the morning put me off my game.  I had just finished my Root Dahlia cuttings video and had all my newly potted up starts on that shelf  and he effectively dumped them on the floor of the greenhouse.  I am not a happy camper.

We will focus on the positive, like what is blooming. I found some Bubble Gum Pink petunias at Wal-Mart.  I keep waffling if I want them in hanging pots along my porch eave or in the ground.  Decisions, decisions.

Garden Journal May 11 2018

I have some Johnny Jump up volunteers all over the Secret Garden.  I had to remove many other volunteer plants to find them. I do love flowers that readily reseed but it is work to get them inline.

The Dianthus are always a good one for my garden, these are edging the walkway in the Secret Garden. They will live on over winter and be back bigger and better next year. I shear them back after they bloom then they put on new growth and bloom again. This keeps them bushier and lower to the ground.

I planted this Heuchera under my Hyde Hall roses for a ground cover and it is putting on a bright show right now.  I need more of this one.

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This shot of my Lithodora does not do it justice, the blue is actually much deeper. It is a tough, deep green ground cover that minds its manners.

Garden Tour May 6 2018

My Japanese Maples are all leafing out.  They add some dramatic foliage to the Spring garden.

Japanese Maple, Acer, Garden Tour May 6 2018

I have Forget me Nots in the front rock garden, they re-seed readily too and never fail to make me smile.

Forget me Nots, Garden Tour May 6 2018

The creeping phlox has had a good year, it is starting to swamp my Butterfly Bush and one of my small roses. Time to dig up parts of it and transplant to a back hillside that needs covering.

Creeping Phlox, Garden Tour May 6 2018

I have some Geraniums I took cuttings from and now I am about ready to put them out and about in larger containers in the garden. I am loving this orange pink.

The videos show you around the garden, the good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t sugar coat it, I give you real life.  Why? Because it can be disheartening when we see all these gorgeous gardens in tip top shape (they must have nothing else to do or a crew) while ours may be less than stellar.  But you can still enjoy your garden without it being perfect. My season is so much later that I am just now getting good flowering and growth while others had it a month or so ago.  Love your garden where it is now, not what you wished it looked like.

First the video of the week of April 30 we had a bear break into my greenhouse and I did not have my mic set up properly but you can see the panel gone and what I was saying wasn’t important anyways.

And this is the week of May 6th.


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  1. Thank you, Mary. Yes my little Flower Cottage workshop is my favorite DIY of all. 🙂

  2. I am wondering too, I guess he thinks there is something yummy in there, he did try to get into the chicken feed but did not manage to get the lid off. A bear last year just ripped the metal garbage can open without removing the lid so this bear is younger and not as saavy yet. It is dry food but I guess it smells good to them. I should put it in the basement but I don’t want them breaking in there either.


  4. I am in Northern California, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. My zone is 8. We were a 7 just a few years ago. I hope this helps.

  5. I love your gardens! Your voice came through just fine on both of your videos. I wonder what the bear is after in your green house?

  6. I am newly subscribed to your web page, can you tell me where you reside, just general state or planting zone so I have a frame of reference when you are talking about your gardening?

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