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My Serene Spot 3 Ways

Just a revisit to a long ago post about my back deck and how I set up a relaxing spot to sit using vintage items and/or DIY projects.

My Serene Spot 3 ways was first posted back in 2013 and I know not everyone has seen it.  Sharing on this snow filled day keeps me sane as I can’t wait for warm summer days and more time out here in the cool of a June evening!

I figured if you live where winter still rages on you would enjoy this as much as I.


Come on over and rest a spell.

I will pour you a glass of wine and we can sit and talk.


I have this little spot on my back deck that is waiting for you.

It isn’t fancy…


Just restful and quiet on a warm summers evening.

The softest of breezes is blowing…


it brings along the sweet perfume of roses.

Take a deep breath and enjoy.


We can watch the hummingbirds stop by to take a nip from a bright petunia blossom.

Their grace and beauty are a site to behold.


Can you hear the robins singing?


They have enjoyed the warmth of the day and now are tucking their babies into bed.

Their song is a lullaby that calms and comforts.


The only other sound is the gentle melody of the fountain. 


Just sit back, put your feet up and relax.

Do you need an extra cushion?

Maybe a refill on that glass of wine?

I will go get that for you now.


“wishing you were actually here to really enjoy”





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.