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Paint Peas in a Pod

Learn to Paint Peas in a Pod

I know some may wonder what in the world do I need to know how to paint PEAS of all things.  But soon I will share some fun garden crafts / DIY that you can do just that! 
Learn How to Paint Peas in a Pod, links are included in this post)
#4 flat brush
#8 flat brush
Script Liner

DecoArt Americana paint
Artists Club is having a sale on DecoArt Americana paints thru May 4th.  Also Michaels, JoAnns and other hobby stores carry them and have sales periodically, so watch their fliers. 

Start with your design. 

Learn to Paint Peas, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comLoad the #4 flat brush with Evergreen and paint in the center area.  (we want this darker than the rest so it will sit to the back when viewed) You can do two coats to make it more opaque if you wish but I didn’t this time around.
Learn to Paint Peas, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comUsing Celery green and your #4 flat brush, paint on the little circles to create the peas.  You will need to do two coats to get the opacity over the darker green.
Learn to Paint Peas, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comNow you use the Avocado green and your #8 flat brush to create the pods.  The upper pod you will go over the peas on both sides but on the lower pod you only cover the peas on the bottom edge.  This it to give the illusion that this pod is being viewed more from the side. Add the little leaves at top and stem. 
Learn to Paint Peas,

With the script liner add a touch of highlight to the top of each pea with white.  Then add some little vines at top or around it for interest. Learn to Paint Peas, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comAnd there you have your peas!  Easy, right? 
Here is the video for you to follow along step by step.

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Learn How to Paint Peas in a Pod, great for garden signs, planting boxes or any other garden craft you can think of. Pair them up with my other veggies painting tutorials and paint a garden! FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comHappy Painting!


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