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How to Propagate Rosemary Cuttings

You can propagate rosemary from cuttings very easily. For many people Rosemary is a tender perennial and must be taken inside during the cold winter months. You can overwinter it in a greenhouse or a very sunny window of your home. Propagate Rosemary from cuttings. This fine rosemary plant has been pruned into the shape …

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easy Prune Christmas Cactus

Prune your Christmas Cactus. Pruning is easy and keeps them healthy, bushy, and in check.  Got a Christmas Cactus that is outgrowing its space?  Prune it! Step by step how to prune Christmas Cactus.  This information also applies to your Thanksgiving Cactus, if you want to know the difference go to this post, Christmas Cactus …

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Easy ways to Overwinter Geraniums

Several easy ways to overwinter your geraniums aka pelargoniums successfully. Overwintering your geraniums is a great way to save money.  Want to overwinter your geraniums (aka: pelargoniums)? Today I am sharing some easy ways to keep your zonal geraniums alive over winter.  Though if you like to grow them as annuals and don’t mind replacing …

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