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Filoli A Garden to Visit in California

Filoli a garden to visit in California. A wonderful place to enjoy a garden and a country house tour.

Filoli, a garden to visit in California. Filoli is a country estate built in the early 20th century. Sixteen acres of English Gardens to explore and enjoy.
this post is photo heavy and may take a few minutes to load. No time to read now?  PIN for laterArched doorway in a brick garden wall Filoli Gardens

I was intent on just enjoying the visit rather than focusing on photographing but I did get some photos to share.  I knew we were in for a treat when the drive was lined with carefully clipped boxwood and lush trees. The day was sunny and the temperature was perfect, only in the mid to upper 70’s.

I love a walled garden with arched doorways. You walk from garden room to garden room through arched doorways or portals cut out of hedging.

Within the gardens is the largest collection of Ivy donated by an enthusiast. I did not know there were that many different varieties of ivy on the earth!

I am a new convert to the delights of boxwood.  I found the many beds and gardens neatly bordered with it fascinating and inspiring.

I think that even in my tiny garden the addition of the structure created with boxwood would show well in winter covered with white snow.

This is the Walled Garden.  Topiary, boxwood edging and tree roses, with many types of shrubbery.  It was a soothing beginning. I know this will look stunning as the trees change for Autumn.

If you look down the path to where the deep shadow starts you can see a hedge.

When you pass through the hedge you start in the Rose Garden.  There are many David Austin roses along with Hybrid Teas, Hybrid Perpetuals and Floribundas.  Thankfully, they have name tags to identify each one. 

Pleasant spots to sit and enjoy were sprinkled about the gardens.  Sitting down to just gaze around you and soak it all up prevents you from rushing along to see what you find next.

Can you see those ladders in the background?  Back beyond the fencing barely discernible is the orchard.

Glass art was displayed throughout the grounds. Whimsical floral inspired pieces in bright colors.
Glass art in Filoli gardens


This is a heirloom lavender hedge.  Grown here forever and a day. It was in full bloom and smelled heavenly.  I wonder if I can get a hedge to grow like this?  I have plenty of Lavender plants I started from cuttings. 

The knot garden was much more colorful than my photo displays though they said it was not in its full glory during this time of year.  It looked fabulous to me.

I love how with foliage alone you can create such an eye catching display.  You can see the lavender hedge in the background to the left.

Filoli knot garden

The use of numerous pots filled with annuals all around the gardens just added more bang for your buck.  These are swapped out seasonally making visiting Filoli a year round garden pleasure.

Pots of petunias at Filoli

The hydrangeas were taller than me and in all colors.  They are tucked into a spot that gets plenty of shade from nearby trees.

Hydrangeas at Filoli Garden

The Sunken Garden was ablaze with color.  The pairing of complimentary colors makes it so striking. Artists use this same technique all the time.
Sunken garden at Filoli.

Close up..
Orange Zinnias with Purple Salvia

One last photo. The is of the center of the Sunken garden.
Sunken Garden water feature Filoli gardens

This reinforced my desire to have some lawn in my garden spaces. It creates someplace for the eye to rest and punctuates the bright colors.

There was so much more but this post is getting way too long and picture heavy.

I hope you enjoyed visiting Filoli with me. I hope to go again in Fall when the trees are changing.  I know it will be fantastic.

Happy Gardening!






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Thursday 30th of August 2018

Hi, Loved this article especially point about Filoli A Garden to Visit in California sharing this on facebook and pinterest


Wednesday 8th of August 2018

Pam, do you know if the glass art was from Dale Chihuly? I've seen his installations in many gardens and it's an unexpected delight to see such a delicate art in the landscape. Beautiful photos- thanks!


Saturday 11th of August 2018

No it wasn't by Dale Chihuly. Here is the link to the Filoli website where it tells all about the artists. The pieces were stunningly beautiful. They were an added delight to the gardens.


Wednesday 8th of August 2018

Lovely photos I enjoyed wandering around Filoli Gardens with you Pam !


Saturday 11th of August 2018

Thank you, Lyn. I did not even do it justice but I was so taken with all the beauty, I was too distracted to really take enough photos.

Candace Roberts

Wednesday 8th of August 2018

Thank You a trip down memory lane. It has been 3 decades since I visited. Inspiring me to make a trip. This would make a great girls trip. Living in Northern Arizona I could never have a garden like that but enjoy every day in this wonderful mountain setting. The monsoon has been a blessing this year. Right now we have spring, summer and fall wildflowers blooming all at once. Thanks again for the post.


Wednesday 8th of August 2018

I found it so inspiring and want to revisit in the Fall when the colors change then again in Spring when the bulbs are all doing their thing. The wildflowers all blooming sound just gorgeous.

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