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Let me introduce myself….

Pam in red

Flower Patch Farmhouse is here to inspire you to garden for the sheer enjoyment of it and not to build a showpiece.  

Hello, I am Pamela.  The voice behind Flower Patch Farmhouse, a creative lifestyle blog about simple gardening, a bit of DIY, and easy recipes that will become family favorites. But mostly I share my love of gardening, how you can enjoy your garden, even the tiniest of spaces, and let go of the idea that it must be tame, controlled, and weed-free.

I began sharing my easy budget gardening methods, DIY on a dime projects and practical recipes in 2011. Prior to that, I was a stay-at-home mom, avid decorative painter and instructor, sewing enthusiast, and always an avid gardener.

I have put all my painting tutorials on a blog of its own here: PamelaGroppe.com

I have been inspired and taught by the strong women in my life who lived through the toughest of times and created cozy, attractive homes via DIY long before it became a popular catchphrase or trend. 

she shed in flower garden

I learned to use tools and have confidence in my abilities.  Watching my grandmother not only tear down old houses (she was the queen of re-purposing), build fences to whipping up delectable taste treats with the humblest of ingredients instilled in me the notion that you can do whatever you have a mind to, if you are willing to work hard.

iris photo yellow and lavender

I have loved photography since grade school and in 7th grade determined that is what I wanted my vocation to be.  Life had a lot of detours for me and pursuing photography as a career did not come to be, and though it is a side benefit of this website/blog, it is one of the creative parts I truly enjoy.

Combining many of the many things I love into something I can share is a dream come true.   So, please, do come and join me as I share my ever-changing cottage garden, the renovation of our humble home and a few DIY/craft tutorials that are easy enough for beginners to master. All on a budget. 

How to start seeds for a beautiful garden full of flowers, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Things are always evolving here so I appreciate you joining me on the journey.  If ever there is something you would enjoy seeing here that I can provide, please do leave a comment, suggestion or request.


Thank you so much for visiting!