• Lilacs Watercolor Inspiration
  • Rooting Lilacs from cuttings
  • How to Paint Lettuce
  • Iris Farm Visit
  • Back door Kitchen Herb Garden
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Lilacs Watercolor Inspiration

Lilacs Watercolor Inspiration Good Morning!  A new week is to begin and it looks to be a lovely one. On Facebook I shared a watercolor rendering of a photo of a enamelware pitcher of lilacs and was asked if it was for sale.  No I don’t have it for sale but you can download it […]

How to Propagate Lilacs by cuttings, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Rooting Lilacs from cuttings

Rooting Lilacs from Cuttings I love the scent of lilacs in the Spring.  How they perfume the air.  This year the lilacs around the neighborhood bloomed a month early and I barely got some picked to photograph before they faded away.  You can see some in the photo are starting to turn but still they […]

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How to Paint Lettuce

Learn How to Paint Lettuce At least I hope it looks like lettuce enough that someone seeing it without being told what it was could accurately identify it. When I posted my Herb Garden in a box I thought I had posted all the veggie tutorials beforehand but lo and behold one had been left […]

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Iris Farm Visit

Come with me as we make an Iris Farm Visit! Last weekend it was warm and sunny and so gorgeous.  I learned of an Iris Farm not too far from home and we decided a sweet day trip was in order!   It was more than worth the drive.   I will share just a […]

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Back door Kitchen Herb Garden

Plant your Backdoor Kitchen Herb Garden in your DIY Crate Hello everybody, I am so glad you enjoyed my hand painted kitchen garden crate.   Now on to planting it up.  I wanted a kitchen herb garden so that is what I planted.  I got six packs of a couple of the herbs at the local […]

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DIY Planter Box or Crate

DIY Planter Box or Crate from Cedar Fence Boards I have been sharing my veggie painting tutorials with video for the past couple of weeks.  Now it is time to paint those on something useful.  I built this planter box from cedar fence boards so it will last me many seasons.  I cut 4 boards […]


Clear the Air with Houseplants

Clear the Air with Houseplants.  A beautiful way to clean. Back in the late 80’s NASA did a study on the benefits of houseplants on purifying air on the space station. I remember reading it in Better Homes and Gardens, my one and only magazine subscription back then and being impressed with the results. Since […]

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Go the Extra Mile Inspiration

Go the Extra Mile Inspiration Monday Inspirational quote.  Good morning and Happy New week!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  We sure did.  We got to visit an Iris farm and walk among the lavish blooms.   I had to post today’s quote with a photo of my Supreme Sultan Iris.   The colors […]

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How to Create a Blog or Website

How to Create a Blog or Website For my friends that are thinking of diving in to the blogging and/or website shop pool, and have asked me about it, this post is for you and anyone else wanting to know. This is especially great for those that are not doing as well as they would […]

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Paint Peas in a Pod

Learn to Paint Peas in a Pod I know some may wonder what in the world do I need to know how to paint PEAS of all things.  But soon I will share some fun garden crafts / DIY that you can do just that!  (affiliate links are included in this post) Supplies: #4 flat […]

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March Income Report – Come see how we grew!

March Income Report for FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com To get started on your own blog or website go here for some great resources I know I am late with this but tax time had me buried.  But now I am done and I can get back on track here.  Not everyone is really interested in these reports and that […]