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  • Our Favorite Broccoli Salad
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  • Fabulous Morning in the Garden
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Life not a problem 2

Life is Not a Problem Monday Quote

Happy Monday all!  Enjoying your extended weekend??? I have been super busy, painting, videoing and photographing.  I have more orders to get out and it seems like I am never caught up. But our weekend has been nice, we basically stayed home and got a few things done.  Accomplishments can be so rewarding. We had […]

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Broccoli Bacon Salad, Flower Patch Farmhouse.com

Our Favorite Broccoli Salad

I have made this recipe a thousand times. In many variations. But this one is really our favorite. It is filled with all sorts of yummy goodness. My photos do not do it justice. It seems my Lightroom has overexposed everything…anyone else have this issue?? This salad is so easy to make and great all […]

Chalky Finish Paint Art

Art with DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint

Disclosure: I was provided with the Chalky Finish Paint by DecoArt but the usage, opinions and ideas are my own. As odd as it may seem, this project is one I have wished to tackle for some time.  With such a range of colors available in DecoArts Chalky Finish paint I thought it would be […]

Don't wait for people, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Kindness Inspiration Monday

I know I have been a bit remiss in posting my Monday Inspiration, but I am ready to get back on track. Would you believe we are getting a few rain showers, just a touch, in drought plagued California? It is quite lovely. I plan on working in the studio with the doors and windows […]

What a Great July, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

July Was Fabulous

July was a crazy busy but fun month.  It is one of my favorites of the entire year. I revel in the heat and July is one of the hottest here. The nights even stay warm. I know many don’t enjoy the heat and I do feel for you but it makes me feel like […]

Morning Glories 8, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Fabulous Morning in the Garden

Every morning I walk the garden with my coffee, chat with the bumblebees, dead head a few flowers to encourage more blooms, and breathe deep of the cool, sweet scent of a summers morning. I will share some things I saw this morning.  The Oriental Lilies are blooming and perfuming the entire garden.  The Stargazer […]

Old Buckets to Beautiful Planter www.flowerpatchfarmhouse.com

Old Buckets & a Wine Barrel

  A couple years ago I did a post on my old buckets planter. Nothing fancy but it has always been a favorite of mine. I loved turning these old buckets into a feast for the eyes. I have planted them with violas for pretty spring but frost proof loveliness.. then when things heated up […]