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Happy March!

Happy March Everyone! Are you ready for Day light savings time???  It starts next weekend so heads up everyone!  I am just getting used to and liking the sky being lighter when I wake up at 6am but oh well, I also like having lighter evenings to enjoy.  You give up one to enjoy the […]

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Forgive me Please!

Forgive me Please! I have an apology to make….and the only excuse I have is, well… being brain dead for the past few months. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  You may well ask, for what am I asking forgiveness?? I had set up my subscription service but did not link it properly.  So […]

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Vintage DIY wood crate

How to build a Faux Vintage DIY wood crate or box Last week I shared how to get this rustic vintage barn wood finish on new wood and was asked to show how I made the little crate or box.  There are many ways to do this and I will share some variations in the […]

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Common Sense Inspiration

Common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden. Truer words were never spoken.  And that is all I will say on that matter.  So how was your week?  Mine ended about halfway through with a bout of the flu.  It knocked me flat on my backside where I stayed until now.   I […]

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Hand Painted Signs from the Past

Hand Painted Pieces from the Past I have been hand painting signs and selling them since 1998. I have a ton and I do mean a TON of photographs archived of my hand painted signs.  Since I am laid up for a few days (nasty flu bug) I thought it a good time to rename, […]

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How to Start Seeds for a Beautiful Garden

How to Starts Seeds for a Beautiful Garden(this post contains affiliate links) Do you love a beautiful garden, full of gorgeous flowers….. packed to the edges with fabulous color and glorious scent? Me too, and I am going to tell you one way to get it.   I especially love types of flowers that are hardy, […]

We all need inspiration quote

We all need inspiration quote

We all need someone to inspire us to do better than we know how. While many of you are getting hammered with wild winter weather, we are enjoying an unseasonably warm winter.  It was 65 degrees today and temperature records have been broken.   If it wasn’t for the drought I would be really be enjoying […]

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How to get a Rustic Finish on New Wood in 4 steps

How to get a Rustic Finish on New Wood in 4 steps! (UPDATE: I have a tutorial on building this crate/box, so if you wish to build one CLICK HERE) You all may remember my DIY Rustic Box I shared in October.  Yes, it really has been that long and no, I have still not […]

How to Paint a Cardinal bird,

How to Paint a Cardinal Bird

How to Paint a Cardinal Bird So many have been waiting a long time for this and it took me a long while to get it done.  First of which, it took me longer than I anticipated to get it down to an easy enough method that beginners can accomplish it.  I finally get that […]

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A Flower Does Not Compete Inspiration

A flower does not compete with the flower next to it. It just blooms. Skimming through old photos on my computer I found some from our trip to Paris in 2008.  One day we were having lunch at a small bistro with a business associate that had driven up from Toulouse to meet with us […]