• AFFAS New Technology to Fight Wild and Forest Fires
  • Great Fall Decor Painting Tutorials
  • Some Inspiration for Us All
  • How I Separate My Iris
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AFFAS forest fire fighting technology

AFFAS New Technology to Fight Wild and Forest Fires

AFFAS I know this is off topic for this blog but it is important enough to give it space here.  As you may or may not know we live in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California and forest fires are a very real and growing threat. Just 2 years ago this month we were faced […]

Paint Your Fall Decor Painting Tutorials, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Great Fall Decor Painting Tutorials

Great Fall Decor Painting Tutorials Hello everybody!  What a grand day it is.  I have been busy in my studio working on that Yellow Roses DVD and it is nearly there.  I just have to tweak a few things and I am ready to rumble. I have rounded up some painting tutorials for you to […]

Princess Diana Rose Inspriational Quote

Some Inspiration for Us All

Some Inspiration Sorry to have disappeared on you.  Life has been a whirlwind. Does life get away from you sometimes? Your schedule completely obliterated by other pressing matters? Yeah, me too.   So I need a few reminders to keep positive and upbeat and not let the darkness of frustration creep in.  It is so nice […]

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How I Separate My Iris

How to Divide Iris Rhizomes (or how I separate my Iris) this is a repost of this article since it is the traditional time of year to complete this garden task, Happy Iris Dividing!  First I will start with this disclaimer..I am not an expert, I am sure there are other ways to do this, […]

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Roses in August

Roses in August Golden Celebration I know many are sweltering away in the August heat and can’t wait for Fall to begin so they can return to more comfy temps.  We on the other had have been enjoying the mid 80’s with the nights cooling down to the upper 50’s. Maybe that is why I […]

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Easy DIY Obelisk Arbor

Easy DIY Obelisk Arbor (this post would’ve been way too long if I had attached all the step by step photos, they will be included in the PDF download at the bottom of this post with the drawing if you wish more details) I have been so anxious to get this to you. I had […]

Tequila Lime bars, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Tequila Lime Coconut Macaroon Bars

This is a repost from 2 years ago, just because these tasty treats are worth a second shot! Did you think I had forgotten about sharing my latest sinfully delicious temptation? Not a chance… I have merely been buried in work. Everyone….                            …and that is no exaggeration… has seen fit to escape the […]

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Welcome August, no I am not ready for Fall!

Welcome August! August is here and my garden starts a new phase. It is one of my most favorite months of the year, it is so warm and sunny which I and my garden flourish in. The “no I am not ready for Fall” statement is in response to all the pumpkin, autumn decor and […]

Did you know that many favorite cottage garden flowers are toxic? Come see which ones I grow and why I am not worried. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

Is Your Flower Garden Dangerous?

Is Your Flower Garden Dangerous? It seems that most folks are unaware of the dangers that exist is the common flower garden.  I did a post on growing Foxgloves and while it seems to be well known as being toxic if eaten many people are unaware that many of their other favorite garden flowers are […]


How I Learned to Paint

How I Learned to Paint. I have been asked lately how I started to paint so I thought this a good time to update and re-post this for everyone here. (affiliate links included) Have you wanted to try your hand at decorative painting? – This post is for all you that get frustrated with the […]

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Free Online Painting Lessons

Free Online Painting Lessons I want to welcome all the new readers here!  I get notified of new subscribers daily and great notes from many who are enjoying my free online painting lessons. I appreciate each and everyone who is following or just checking in from time to time. I so enjoy sharing the many […]