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My Fall Seed Planting of 2016

My Fall Seed Planting of 2016

Is your garden starting to wind down?  Mine too.  Besides the Fall clean up I have tons of ideas for next Spring and Summer so now is the time for dividing of Iris, seed collecting and also fall seed planting.

I have another post all on Fall Seed planting Click here to see it.

I start many hardy seeds right in the ground, some in what I call a nursery bed (I plant seeds in a specific bed dedicated to starting seeds but will move them to their permanent spot after they have germinated and grown a bit) and right in the garden where I wish them to grow.
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I have not given Oriental Poppies a try but I am going to put out some seeds this Fall.  They are so lovely and I saw so many this past Spring that I coveted that I am going to at least try.  This is the time of year to get them started from seed.
Poppy Oriental Blend

Another poppy I want to try is Laurens Grape, I just love the coloration and I know these type of poppies grow like weeds for me so I can’t lose with these.
Seeds for Fall Planting

Bachelors Buttons are a great way to add blue to your garden and if you dead head regularly you get a very long bloom time.  In fact with the Black Magic color I did not even have to dead head to get long time blooms.  Plus it was just such an interesting color.


Cleome or Spider flower.  I have yet to grow this beauty but I hear it can become downright invasive for some.  But since I am not afraid of such things and I am more than happy to pull out what I don’t want.  seeds-for-fall-planting-3-of-6

Love in a Mist.  I grew this in the valley long ago, and it was very prolific and easy to grow.  Why I have not included it in my current garden is a mystery to me.  But this year I am going to give it a go.  It is another way to add fabulous blue to my garden and I do love the airy foliage of this garden delight as well.  seeds-for-fall-planting-4-of-6

Violas are a favorite of mine as I can plant them now and have them overwinter.  They will provide color and sweet scent during the cool months until snow covers them up.  Then come Spring they will jump to attention and be some of the first color to shine in the garden.

I want to try a new to me variety that is a perennial called King Henry.  If I get the seeds started now I can have them blooming like crazy come Spring.  Whats fun too is you can candy them to decorate cupcakes and cookies.
Galvanized bucket planter filled with voilas or pansies,

I have many more things on my list but I must be realistic and whittle down to a manageable amount. Some may thrive for me, others may not but I won’t know until I try.  And I don’t decide after one season if a certain plant will work for me.  Different years can produce different results.

To give an example, I have grown Echinaceas for over 20 years, with no struggles at all.  They have thrived and bloomed beautifully year after year.

This summer most of my Echinaceas were sad, some only developed cones with no petals and the ones that did bloom were dull and faded.  Very strange.  I have them planted in several areas and all struggled, not just some in one area.  I am clueless as to why but if this was the first time I had grown them I may have believed they were not worth my time and space in my garden.

The moral of this story is if you are a first time gardener or you are trying out a new plant, don’t judge a plant or variety by one season.

Happy Gardening!

I have linked to Amazon in this post for the seed sources but if you prefer to order direct from Botanical Interests click on banner.

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Cynthia White

Friday 16th of September 2016

I'm so glad your posting this. I have some seeds that I ordered in February, among them poppies. I did not get around to planting them or getting started indoors as I did with most of the others. I am guessing I can direct sow them in the fall, is that correct? Also, I am in zone 5/6, Northern Ohio. Do I need to wait until October or November when it is definitely cooler? We can still have some pretty hot days around here in September and early October. . .


Friday 16th of September 2016

I have read in zones below 7 it is better to seed them in early Spring as the cold, cold you get in winter can kill the young seedlings. Here I can get away with it as by the time it gets that cold there is enough snow on the ground to insulate them. I am in zone 8 (used to be 7 but that has been changed in the last 5 years). You can certainly try to plant some now and test to see how they do, each winter is so different. Plus some need to stratify (go through a cold period) to even sprout. Poppies don't like to be buried, you just toss the seeds on top of the soil and press in, I usually use my foot. My poppies I already have drop seed in late summer and they do fine, I just let them reseed as they will. None germinate until early spring. The package on my Oriental Poppies says early to mid Fall to sow in my climate. Since fall is next week I would think it safe to go ahead and put them out for me. We have a few warm days left too. I will seed two different spots, one will be my nursery bed that will get watered and the other will be in a spot that may or may not get watered until rain falls so it will be a test which one does better for me.

Debbie Jones

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

I have never seen the Laurens grape poppy. Beautiful and I will look for it around here (So Cal.) I get my pansies and violas late Oct. maybe Nov. when the heat is over. I have them till June when the heat kills them off. But it is money well spent for such a long season and they bring me so much joy!


Tuesday 13th of September 2016

Those poppies are a fascinating color. I lean towards blues and purples but think even the oriental red would be a nice pop of color. It is not a flower I see around here often. Bachelor buttons have a place in my heart as my great grandmother always had them and sweet Williams.

Lyn Pilgrim

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

All are beautiful photos I love the poppies & the Cleome not a flower that you see very often is it ? Thank-you Pamela, Lyn x

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