My Garden is Fading Fast

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My Garden is Fading Fast


I know many are relishing the drop in temps but I am so not ready for the cold weather.  It barely made it into the 50’s today and it just felt frigid after a cold 38 degrees overnight.  I want my heat back!  My garden is beginning to look sadly faded but there are some things giving me one last hurrah for the season.  I will settle into the new season soon but I always mourn the end of summer.

The Coleus is actually quite stunning this year and I will be sure to start plenty of seeds this coming Spring.  I did overwinter some from last summer in the house but only one did well out of about 10 so it really wasn’t worth the time and effort for me.  Especially as I can buy a 6 pack for $2.49 at our local garden center if my seeding plans come to naught. (like they did this past Spring)

When the light strikes this one just right it has the most amazing autumnal glow.  I just need a few baby pumpkins to display with it for a full on Fall vignette.  Isn’t that color amazing!


This one has a few splotches of white, not naturally but because it was near my base painting endeavors for some custom signs I am making. I get quite messy when I paint.


Most of my Black Eyed Susans have gone to seed but a few remain for a spark of yellow.  The birds are really having a field day with the seeds of the spent ones, I have at least 10 to 15 Robins and Juncos daily feasting at a time.  I watch them from my studio french doors.  It makes me happy to see them filling up for winter, and glad that though the garden looks untidy it does serve a purpose in feeding the critters.


Most of my roses are still cranking out the blooms.  We shall see how much longer since the cold snap may have hinted to them that it might be time to wrap it up.  I still have yet to cut the rose cane I air rooted from the mother plant.  That is definitely on my list for this weekend or on Monday.

This rose is called Pam’s Pink.  It was one of those found roses on a roadside and saved by a gal named Pam.  It has a tough time with fungus and what not but it still blooms its little heart out.  I may need to just move it to a sunnier spot, it gets a good 4 hours but it may need more.


I love this single rose called Kirsten Poulson, I rooted it from a cutting.  It is a vintage rose.  The color is always so vibrant and eye catching in the garden.


My English roses are all doing pretty good too, only one has no blooms on it and that is only because the hungry deer denuded it.


My alyssum has finally taken off, it struggled all summer it seemed but now it is in full white glory.  At least I get to enjoy it a little.  I especially like it at the feet of my pink roses, it seems to showcase them well.


My asters are really doing their thing, I need to get more for my late garden, they really do keep things a bit prettier.


Even though I took 36 photos this morning of my garden I promised I would only include 10 in this post so as not to slow it down too much when loading.  So last but not least a bit of cobalt blue lobelia to end a lovely day.


I want to do a post on my favorite ground covers.  I need to get a good photo of one of my favorites while it is blooming but I may have waited too long, it is a hot weather lover and the cold may have stopped it from showing its beautiful flowers but I will see if the tiny warm up next week will prompt a few.  It just isn’t the same without the flowers.

I wish you Happy Fall Gardening!



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  1. I think you are right about the lobelia and I may try to plant a patch under some of my roses. I have kept to pots with the lobelias as in the past I was just unsuccessful in the ground. But it is well worth a shot.
    Yes, winter is only to be endured, everything is covered in white for a good portion of the time and the lack of color begins to pall. Others love the snow as they play in it, skiing, snowboarding, snow mobiling are all sports that they indulge in but none of that appeals to me anymore. I used to ski but dislocated my hips about 20 years ago and the thought of going through that again is enough to keep me far from it.
    That reminds me, my delph seeds have yet to arrive. I need to go check my mailbox.

  2. I am glad it brightened your day. Any day I get to spend in the garden is a good one. Somedays me and my camera get along and I will get a good shot of my flowers. That one of my Kirsten Poulson rose is one of those times. 😀

  3. I love my roses too, even with most everything else giving up the ghost for the season they are still blooming strong. You are most welcome. 🙂

  4. It got cold here for about a week and now this week we are back into the 80’s. But it will be brief so I am determined to get out in the garden all I can this week. My coleus are in pots outside, in a mostly shady spot on my porches. Their bright colors rival any flowers I have and I love them. I may still try to overwinter a few in my studio but with my lack of success last year I won’t hold my breath as far as success.

  5. WOW your flowers look so much better than mine,their beautiful,do you plant your Coleus outside? they are fantastic, unfortunately I will not be doing much gardening from now on as its raining most days.I was lucky to collect my seeds for next year.Thanks for all your tips and beautiful photographs.

  6. Lyn Pilgrim says:

    Thank-you for your garden photos Pamela love your beautiful roses, Lyn x

  7. Hello; I wondered about your post yesterday and finally decided that the problem must be on my end! Thanks for re-posting; I am so happy to see your lovely photographs. The image of the single, vintage rose could be on a horticultural magazine cover, in my opinion. Thanks for brightening up my day.

  8. Your cobalt lobelia would look marvelous under the stunning vibrant pink rose, Pamela!

    I understand how you are feeling with your garden now that it is getting cold there – I hate winter but I survive with camellias and azaleas getting me through – by the time my alba magnificas are blooming, spring is HERE!

    Now I am waiting for my roses and irises to come into full bloom.

    When I saw your cobalt lobelia, it made me think of my cobalt delphiniums! Fingers crossed they grow past the two-leaf stage!

    Happy autumn gardening!

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