Monday Inspiration from my Garden

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Monday Inspiration from My Garden
I am a bit slow in getting my Monday Inspiration post done this fine morning.
I have a very good reason…
first thing this morning,
I went out with my camera to walk my garden
and get fresh photos of delightful blooms to make the download from.
My Iris are sure popping, I can tell they will be a bit less full than last Spring but they got so little water this winter.I am sure that is making a difference.
But they are still gorgeous!
iris photo yellow and lavenderEven the ones that I dug up and separated last summer are going to bloom.
I did a post on digging up and separating Iris if you wish to learn how I do it.

iris lavender yellowThough my garden is still more than a bit weed ridden, I still get a thrill when a new blossom opens.
Even the roses I dug up and replanted next to my studio are beginning to bloom.

studioroseIf you recall, I mentioned being at the fair to demonstrate crochet…
well this is how far I got on my project
crochetblanketI had just grabbed some yarn I had in my stash since I was asked rather at the last minute to do this.
But I am loving it.
Click on the photo to get the pattern, if you wish.
It really is a fast and easy one to follow.
Okay, enough from me this fine morning.
I need to get busy, I have an order for 96 signs to get done.
Yes, I said 96!
Plus a few other custom orders.
I am going to be a paintin’ fool!

Have a fabulous Day!

to download a higher resolution jpg of the inspiration photo of the day just CLICK HERE

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  1. I especially enjoy the old fashioned ones that have a delightful scent to complement their beauty!

  2. I love Iris, is my favorite flower, yours is beautiful 🙂

  3. I have 3 weeks to make the signs so I think I should be able to do them with a reasonable schedule. Half are already base painted and cut to size. But when the deadline is looming you may be right. 🙂

  4. I love seeing your Iris, they are so pretty like a frilly skirt. I guess you are working day & night to get those 96 signs painted & delivered. Nice work.

  5. No worries. I am afraid I no nothing about fig trees. I love in too cold of an area for them. Maybe a local nursery could give you some information about possibly saving them. It would be a shame to lose such mature trees. I wish you the best.

  6. Mary Ann McCrary says:

    Fig tree

  7. Mary Ann McCrary says:

    Hi Pam
    I don’t do stuff like this on the Internet so I’m not sure if I am asking a question correctly or if it’s done through your website I don’t know what website. I have a huge three separate big trees I think died because of frost this year they’re so big they been there for probably 20 years and I hate that I lost them. Got any ideas, maybe, to bring them back?

  8. That’s a gorgeous iris, and the rose too! 96 signs??? Oh my, you ARE going to have your hands full. Congratulations and thanks for sharing a sprinkle of your day! Cheers!

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