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A Visit to Superstition Iris Gardens

A Visit to Superstition Iris Gardens

Fair Warning!

This post will suck you in and may cause you to spend some $$$. 

Superstition Iris Gardens, May 2016I love Iris.
They are one of my favorite flowers (if it is possible to have a favorite) and this sign was put in front of the entrance to Superstition Iris Gardens just for me.

I took over 300 photos so I couldn’t possibly share them all but I will share some the next few months on Facebook and Instagram.

I had never heard of Superstition Iris Gardens but my friend who took me this time has been going for years and they know her by name.  She has the most gorgeous gardens and they are filled with Iris, I shared my trip to visit her gardens last Spring here, A Lovely Garden.

Since I have TONS of photos of the late blooming Iris (this is the last weekend they will be open as these are the last of the bloomers) I will share just some.

I will put the name of the Iris just before the photo and the cost for a rhizome as of the list I have.  Many have already sold out so if you wish to order any you need to hurry.

Bellagio $6
Superstition Iris Gardens, Bellagio

Brainstorm $7
Brainstorm, Superstition Iris Gardens

Barbara My Love $5

Barbara My Love, Superstition Iris Gardens

Dangerous Liaison (sold out)  this one is on my list to get next year! Perfect for my Secret Garden

Dangerous Liaison, Superstition Iris Gardens

Paul Black $6   (I just love the orange beard against the blue violet falls, this one is on my list too)
Paul Black, Superstition Iris Gardens

Passionate Kisses $7
Passionate Kisses, Superstition Iris Gardens

Love Actually $5 (sold out)
Love Actually, Superstition Iris Gardens

Bob’s Pride (sold out)  Don’t you just love the little horns on the beard
Bob's Pride, Superstition Iris Gardens

Spice Trader $6  (I love the hints of lavender coming down from under the beards)
Spice Trader, Superstition Iris Gardens

Rainbow High $7 (this one literally glows, it is so stunning!)
Rainbow High, Superstition Iris Gardens
Purple People Eater $6 (I got a good shot of the horns on this one)
Purple People Eater, Superstition Iris Gardens

That is just a fraction of the photos I took and of the choices of Iris.  I tried to get an over all shot but it just does not do it justice.
Superstition Iris Gardens

I am in no way affiliated with Superstition Iris Gardens, I just loved visiting their gardens and seeing all the gorgeous late blooming Iris.
I will be sure and visit sooner in the season next year so I can see the early blooming varieties.

Visit their Facebook page to get a look at their Iris Photo Albums.

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Happy Gardening!

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