Ironstone in Late April

Ironstone in late April.

Ironstone in Bloom April 2016For those of you who do not know, Ironstone is a local winery.  I don’t enjoy wine that much, I prefer beer but I do enjoy their exuberant landscaping.  When life becomes a little overwhelming, taking a couple hours and meandering along their paths is the balm my soul needs.
At the end of this post I will have links to other posts on the flowers of Ironstone, they change with the season so always a fresh flowery treat.
Monday I visited and I am so glad I did, their Azaleas and Rhododendrons are at their peak.

Azaleas at Ironstone WineryBeing a Monday morning the place was deserted except for the workers busy getting things ready for the coming guests.   Many times I have been here when busses from retirement homes from far away have arrived, just so the residents could enjoy the gardens.
Azaleas at Ironstone WineryThey keep it ship shape and colorful.  Don’t you love a garden you can enjoy but don’t have to take care of?
Azaleas at Ironstone WineryThere were snowball bushes filled with fluffy bouquets….
Snowball viburnum Ironstone WineryRhododendrons taller than I….
Rhododendron at IronstonePale blossoms and vibrant, rich colors.
Azaleas at Ironstone WineryNarrow stepping stone pathways drawing you in…
Azaleas at Ironstone Winerypromising more fragrant beauty around the next corner.
Azaleas at Ironstone WineryTrust me….you are never disappointed.
The signature wine barrels were filled with Dutch Iris…one of my favorites.
Dutch Iris, Ironstone WineryI have the blue in my garden but I need to get some white and yellow.
Dutch Iris, Ironstone WineryI am working on learning to paint Dutch Iris.  It is a bit tricky but I will get it.
Dutch Iris, Ironstone WineryJust a couple more photos and I will let you go…as you approach the gates you know you are headed in the right direction because the fence is lined with old climbing roses. And they are a treat for the eyes as well.
Old Roses Ironstone WineryThe trunks on these beauties is larger than my upper arm, they are huge.  This fence is 8 feet tall or taller so you get an idea of how massive this is.
Dutch Iris, Ironstone WineryNow we are back to town.  One day I need to take you on a tour of Murphys.  A little town filled with wine tasting rooms and delightful restaurants.  A few shops too.
Murphys, California April 2016
Thank you for joining me on my garden walk.  I needed a bit of time away from my paints.  My current painting video has been a trial.  First one I totally botched.  The second, the painting went fine but when I reviewed it there was no sound.  Sigh!
Now I need to figure out what I did wrong.
More posts on visits to the gardens of Ironstone.
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May is upon us..what flowers will it bring?
Have a Happy Day!

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  1. Trees in my area of WI are just starting to bud. No flowers to speak of other than daffodils and tulips, so your walk among the gardens was a real treat for me! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know the feeling. Ironstone is a mere 25 minutes from my home and it is over a month ahead of me in items blooming. I go there to get a flower fix when my garden is so sparse.

  2. Thank you for sharing Pamela! Your lovely comments and most beautiful photos make me so home sick for the Gold Country! I now live in Arizona with a beauty of its own. I can’t wait til June when I will be making a trip back up to visit, take in the beauty and reflect on that which some may take for granted! Love the Flower Patch Farmhouse!

    1. It is a gorgeous place to live as are so many others. I am sure Arizona is a lovely place as well. It has been a long, long time since I have been down that way. With the mornings getting so light early I am planning on a photo shoot of Murphys early enough that there are few to no cars on the main street. That way everyone will be able to see the town. It is such a hot spot for tourists that after 8am it is packed from end to end.

    1. It was very beautiful. A bit nippy as the wind has a chill to it but it was not too bad.

  3. Ah! It feels as if I was right there with you on this walk! The photos are eloquent! And so are you! Thanks for the tour. And I’m quite pleased to see the a Tasteful theme in a new light! I use it too. All the best and I look forward to seeing the darling buds of May.

    1. Welcome and thank you. Yes, I get a kick out of seeing others use of the Tasteful Theme as well. Gives me ideas. May is a delightful flowering month and by then my own garden will be starting to fill in quite nice.

      1. No gardening for me this year! Instead, I will be busy blogging as I’ve only just started! you can have a look at how I use the tasteful theme at my blog It’s still a work in progress. I will have to keep coming back to your site for my garden fix this year. As I’ve subscribed, I dont think I’ll miss anything! All the best.

  4. My husband and I LOVE fried pickles. It can get quite hot in the Foothills of California, but the nights usually cool off very well. I am a heat lover so it suits me perfectly. We get together with friends a lot in summer and have gatherings where we all bring Tapas and our favorite beverages, both wine and beer. Makes for enjoyable and relaxed times at the lake or in our back yard. I love summer.

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