Smile, Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You!

Smile, Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You! 
Hola, everyone!  A fabulous day to start the week and a simply luscious flower photo with an uplifting quote!
As winter whiteness begins to surround us I am so happy to be able to share some of the garden goodness of Spring with you. 
Smile, Happiness Looks Gorgeous on You,


Do you love Iris? I have a few articles for you so you can grow them with ease!

First How to Grow Iris successfully

And when you get them growing after a couple years you will need to divide them, I show you how in this post, How to Divide Iris for many more

But I have gotten behind sometimes and need to divide my Iris in Spring, I show you how and still get blooms!

On those pages I also share resources where you can buy lovely Iris.

Would you like to paint Iris, I have a painting lesson for that over on my art website, How to Paint Iris.

Have a grand week everyone!



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    1. I love this Iris, it is one of my favorites. It is as stunning in real life. It is called Starship Enterprise, in case you wanted to know. 🙂

  1. Love iris! And with the rain pouring, gray skies and the wind blowing, what a cheery smile on a blustery day!

    1. The weather has been rather dreary here as well, we need it but it does not make it any prettier. I do love my Iris and this is a favorite!

    1. I love this photo, I am surprised I was able to actually capture how gorgeous this one really is.

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