A Difference a Week Makes


Yesterday I shared this…
DIY Easy greenhouseand since it was set up last week I wanted to show you the comparison photos of how much my veggies grew.
Here is my filet green beans last week,
Hoop House FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com (8 of 30)and now this week…
DIY Greenhouse  (4 of 8)They have climbed nearly 4 feet already.  They are so happy to have something to clamber up! 
Now they just need to start putting on the fabulously flavorful green beans. 
My tomatoes also have taken off and I am tying them to the sides as well.  (If I cover this with plastic this fall I will have to make a spacer so that it will not be against the plants themselves but I will figure that out then)
DIY Greenhouse  (2 of 8)Though the photo does not display it well, trust me, they are much taller than they were a week ago, and loaded with ‘maters’.
Now on to another note.
I planted some Trombolina/Zucchetta seeds in certain areas so I can have them climb my DIY Obelisks
which you see the base of one here.   This Trombolina zucchini came up in the correct spot..
DIY Greenhouse  (5 of 8)but this one did not…
DIY Greenhouse  (7 of 8)This one is considerably smaller but it is definitely a Trombolina.  See the silver veining of the leaves, whereas the Lebanese zucchini next to it is all green. 
It seems I had some help in moving the seeds I had direct sown around the garden.  Blue Jays were digging them up and transplanting.  This Trombolina is a good 5 feet from where I originally planted it.  And this is the Zucchini that should’ve been where the Trombolina is…
DIY Greenhouse  (6 of 8)growing smack dab in the middle of my basil. 
I just left it…it is happy and the basil will be fine.  I will make sure everything gets an extra helping of fertilizer. 
And if you look straight back to the cinder block wall you will see another one that sprouted in the crevices of the blocks instead of in the nice mound of compost filled soil just 12 inches in front of it. 
Despite all the havey cavey goings on at night in the garden around here (skunks and raccoons digging for goodness knows what and uprooting my veggies) I know I will get plenty of Zucchini in a month or so. 
So do you have unwanted ‘help’ in the garden? 

I hope if you do it is of a more beneficial type.
Happy Gardening.


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  1. Love the use of your hog panels. We used them as our deck rail. So cheap and easy to use.

    1. My husband wants to replace our deck rail with these and it must be a popular things as the building center now carries powder coated hog panels just for that purpose, though they are a bit pricy. These ones were $50 + each so my little experiment hoop house ran us $150 so far. The frame in the ground is scrap wood.

  2. How did you attach the hog panel to the wooden beds? I love this concept! Also, how tall is it – are you able to stand up inside of it okay?

    1. It is just about 6 feet high, I can walk easily under it at 5′ 5″ but my husband has to bend his head a little. You can also make it taller by bringing in the sideboards, making the tunnel narrower. The sideboards are tall enough that the pressure of the hog panels trying to go straight keeps them in. But you can easily tack them to the frame with screws and wire. We do not get much wind here so that is not an issue. We may secure it better later if it seems there will be an issue. Hope this helps. 🙂

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