Mid June in the Garden

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Mid June in the Garden

Come and join me for another walk in the garden.  I have failed on the painting end but it is that time of year when my flowers demand my attention plus I botched another video and have to redo it.  The garden changes so fast and some readers have requested I keep them up to date so here we go, Mid June in the Garden (part of it anyway)

The Asiatic lilies have just begun. As many of the Iris fade so does to dominance of purple in the garden.  Now come the vibrant oranges and yellows to contrast with the pink roses.

Asiatic Lilies, mid June in the Garden

My Eden Rose has just been spectacular, it is smothering my front arbor on one side with pink tinged roses, they fade to a creamy white as they age.
Eden Climbing Rose, mid June in the Garden
I have some poppies in various colors of red and pink that are so delicate, I love how they bob and sway in the breeze.
Poppy, mid June in the Garden
The sweet Feverfew adds a spark of white that is a fantastic offset for all the color, the small little flowers are no bigger than a dime.
Feverfew, mid June in the Garden

Anne Boleyn David Austin rose is a short grower so it is perfect for the front of a border.
Anne Boleyn David Austin Rose, mid June in the Garden

Candyland is a tough cookie. This one has to be, it competes with lots of other plants and yet it puts on a grand display of splashed roses.
It blooms along my porch rail so when I walk past they are at eye level.
Candyland climbing rose, mid June in the Garden

This is the view of the side border as you drive towards my house…don’t those poppies just……pop!
If you look towards the center just under the porch eave you can see my arbor with half pink half red roses on it.  See how thick they are blooming? Just gorgeous.
side border mid June in the Garden
Last today is my Pistachio Clematis.  This one, like my Warsaw Nike, will bloom all summer long up until frost.
Pistachio Clematis
Well, maybe one more, here is one late blooming Iris that is still going strong and it is a rebloomer so come Fall I may or may not get more from it.  That is the way with re-bloomers, you never know if they are really going to re-bloom for you.  It is nice when they do though.
lavender iris

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And for those hankering for more painting stuff here is a custom order sign I finished this week, it is painted on a barrel stave.
June 15 (11 of 11)

Painted Barrel Stave


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  1. You are most welcome, how can I keep all this gorgeousness to myself. 🙂

  2. These poppies are always a treat, you never know quite what they will look like, single, double or flamboyantly ruffly and two toned. They reseed readily and I pull out or transplant as many as I let stay. You gotta love a plant like that.

  3. I have another white one on my list, it is so gorgeous, Duchess of Edinburgh is so fabulous in full bloom.

  4. It is easy to be good at something you thoroughly enjoy. Though I have a bit more planted around here than I can keep up with well, so I have made friends with the weeds. :O

  5. It is always changing though my foundation plantings stay relatively the same, like my roses, though I plan on adding a few more. I find them irresistible.

  6. Sometimes it is difficult to balance my time between my painting and the garden but I do love both. I am so happy you found my blog too and a big fat welcome to you! I have a friend who is a ceramic artist and has his art in many galleries. If only I could make a living off my art, maybe one day. 🙂

  7. There is so much going on in the garden I barely scratch the surface sharing here but it is my FAVORITE time of year. Happy Summer! We had a bit of a chill last week but this week we will be in the 90’s and I am looking forward to it.

  8. The gardens look fantastic and the colors look so festive together. I always love seeing what’s growing and blooming in your garden. Keep the photos coming!

  9. You make me desire to quit my part time job and spend that time in the flower bed! Love to paint also. I have a small ceramic studio in my backyard and try to frequent it often. So glad I came across your blog! Beautiful!

  10. Love your garden every year… this is my second year seeing the beauty….

  11. I am in awe of your green thumb!

  12. I love poppies, but what can be better than Miss Iris bringing her rufflely self late to the party? Your border in front of the house is beautiful! I will have to look for that clematis. White always gets me.

  13. Lyn Pilgrim says:

    Beautiful photos Pam thank-you love your roses & your poppy is lovely !! Lyn x

  14. Yay for that beautiful iris hanging in there! Those poppies are so delicate and so gorgeous! Thanks for today’s tour.

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