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Garden Tour Mid May 2016

Garden Tour Mid May 2016

Nelly Moser Clematis

Clematis Nelly MoserIt is one of my favorite times of year.  I enjoy now until November the most.  Winter I merely endure to get to this point.
This post is a tour of what is blooming in my garden at this moment. Be warned, there are a lot of photos.
No tutorials or sage gardening advice, just pure eye candy for the garden lover in all of us.

LithodoraGround cover Lithodora

I can never capture how very dark blue the Lithodora flowers actually are, think more cobalt than what you see here.  The bees are loving my Lithodora so a great early Spring food for pollinators.  The green patch of ground cover to the right is Creeping Chamomile.  It is a great little ground cover between stepping stones and when you tread on it, it releases a scent reminiscent of green apples.

Forget Me NotsBaby Blue Eyes Forget Me Nots

The Baby Blue Eyes Forget me Nots are nearly finished blooming. Though they spread by seed they have not become invasive.  I will dig up a few patches and place in my Secret Garden.  I don’t have many early blooming things in the Secret Garden yet.

Sweet Violets

Sweet Violets

Now these rascals are becoming rather pesky as far as spreading to areas that I don’t wish them but a heavy enough mulch helps.  I have plenty to dig up and get rid of.  I do love them in Spring though, they smell so sweet.

Johnny Jump Ups

Johnny Jump Ups or Violas

These sparky little guys reseeded themselves under a rose bush.  They are unobtrusive and don’t get over zealous.  So they are allowed to bloom and seed at will.  They are in the Secret Garden….speaking of which here is a photo of what it looks like at the moment.

My Secret Garden in May 2016

That carpet of green is California Poppies that reseeded themselves from last year.  They are coming out.  I am aiming for only blues, pinks, purples and whites in my Secret Garden so no orange.  I have plenty growing in the side garden so no great loss on yanking them out of the Secret Garden.
I will be bringing in lots of sawdust and wood chips from a friend who has a sawmill, I will use it to create meandering paths so lots of progress will be made this season in the Secret Garden.

Bourbon Clematis

Bourbon Clematis

This Clematis climbs the arbor in front of my house.  It gives me beautiful blooms prior to the roses opening up and filling the arbor with gorgeous color.  I need to plant another clemats on the other side to balance it out.  A white one like Duchess of Edinburgh.



I planted the Dianthus along the edges of the patio seating area of the Secret Garden, they are doing fabulous and will perform all summer long, a bit of dead heading and they will keep on pumping out the flowers.  I love this bright fuchsia color, well worth the $2.49 for the six pack of plants last Fall.

Creeping Phlox

My creeping Phlox is just about done but it was so pretty for the longest time.  It endured the hot to cold weather we have been having for the past 6 weeks.  The climate cannot make up its mind.  Freckled IrisThe early Iris are going strong and more are opening each day.  I noticed several more this afternoon that I will share with you soon and some were my new Iris I got last Fall just for my Secret Garden.

I added a new to me flower bulb, large Alliums and I am loving them.  I will definitely invest in more as they make quite the statement.
Allium Purple Giant

I will, of course, have more garden walk photos to share in the near future.  As the early bloomers fade the next blossom in earnest to fill in.

Happy Gardening!

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