New Iris for My Secret Garden!

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New Iris for my Secret Garden!

You know how I love Iris!
And as many comments as I get on my Iris posts I know that is true for many of you too.
Today the UPS man was my hero!  He brought me this box full of happiness.
Box from Schreiner's Iris garden, (1 of 1)

Schreiner’s has a big sale each Summer and I just could not resist getting some new colors for my Secret Garden.
So that you can anticipate Spring with me I am going to share my new Iris with you.
All photos are from their catalog, you should hop on over to their site and grab some Iris too.   adoregon_web1 blowingkisses_web1 canttouchthis_web1 chinookwinds_web1 crystalgazer_web1 cupidsarrow_web1 parisiandawn_web1

I will tell you their names starting from the top and working down to the last.

  1. Adoregon
  2. . Blowing Kisses
  3. Can’t Touch This
  4. Chinook Winds
  5. Crystal Gazer
  6. Cupid’s Arrow
  7. Parisian Dawn

One word of warning, set yourself a budget before viewing, you may be swayed by your Iris garden lovin’ heart if you don’t.
I speak from experience.

Now if I can just paint those colors.  Now back to my peach butter.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you got to see a shot of the delicious peaches that are getting ripe on my tree.  Lots of peach goodies comin’ up!
For a post on how I plant Iris just click on over HERE.
Get tons of gorgeous blooms by following this easy step by step of how to plant Iris successfully, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comI am not affiliated with Schreiner’s Iris Gardens nor do I receive anything from them for free (doggone it) for posting this.  I have always been pleased with my purchases from them and figured other Iris lovers would like a great source for beautiful Iris’.

Happy Gardening!


Feel Free to Share!

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  1. Beautiful Iris photos indeed! When I was little I remember my Mom circling the iris she wanted to add to her garden. She doesn’t remember any more but I do. Waiting for an iris to bloom never fails to delight and if you are really lucky they cross pollinate and beautifully crafted by na ture a new color combo will surprise you. Still my absolute favorite favorite!!

  2. They are gorgeous! But you knocked my socks off with the white and navy blue combination. I have never seen that before. I may have to reconfigure a place to put “Can’t Touch This”. I have some blues that are pastels. Maybe some purples would look good. I just love that you share these flowers.

  3. They are beautiful Pamela, you have a green thumb. I have rock on my land with bolders when you dig. Even grass is hard to grow. Not much sun in the summer and very little sun if any other than maybe an hour or two a day due to the pine trees that surraound my yard and home. I am in the northeast in NY in a valley area. It is always cooler here in the summer and colder here in the winter due to not much sun. I wish I could have some flowers grow. On the top by the road by my drive way there are some wild phlox growing and day lillies. I do have a little ground covering with tiney purple flowers.
    Even the wild flowers do seem to flurish here.
    Thank You so much for sharing your beauty I really enjoy seeing it.
    God Bless Dot

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