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Life is Not a Problem Monday Quote

Life not a problem 2

Happy Monday all! 
Enjoying your extended weekend???
I have been super busy, painting, videoing and photographing. 
I have more orders to get out and it seems like I am never caught up.
But our weekend has been nice, we basically stayed home and got a few things done.  Accomplishments can be so rewarding.
We had a relaxing dinner with friends and tried to unwind.  Some people are just so refreshing to be with. 

Now I am uploading photos of a tutorial and editing a video. 
I received my new camera mic and it works great so my audio on the videos should be much better.
I had to laugh when I reviewed the one I am working on now, you can hear my chickens cackling in the background quite clearly.
Funny how I don’t even notice them while I am videoing. 
I have my studio doors and windows open wide this time of year to enjoy the gorgeous summer air. 

Well, enough chatter from me.  Back to work I go. 
Check back for the latest tutorial coming your way soon. 
The video will be on another blog first, I am guest posting but will be sure and link you to it when it is live.  

Have a great rest of the day!



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Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Thank you for your wonderful posts! I am a Texas gardener and enjoy the fruits of your efforts and peeks at snow. I would love to learn about your new camera. As I research possibilities, I seem to get more befuddled about which to choose. Have a blessed day!💐

September was Fabulous

Wednesday 1st of October 2014


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