My Quick and Easy Weeding a Garden Path

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Sometimes weeds get ahead of you and you need a quick fix in pathways. Here I share my quick and easy weeding a garden path technique. 

With being either out of town or working on projects not garden related a few spots in my garden got out of control.  I needed to do a fast and easy spruce up on my garden pathways.  Today I am going to share my quick and easy weeding a garden path trick!

This is what I was facing this morning as I sat sipping my coffee in the garden.  (sorry for the less than optimum photos, I was in a hurry and used my phone but you get the gist of how messy it was)

Yes there actually is a stone pathway under there somewhere.

 quick and easy weeding a path trick

It bugged me to no end.  I had a ton of other chores on my list today which were vitally important but I just couldn’t ignore this another day. This path runs to the right of our cement walkway and the next photo is to the left.

I had just started on this path below when I thought I should share with you all and whipped out my phone to shoot some quick photos.

Easy weeding a garden path 

Some of you may be facing more weeds than time to pull too and just might want to know my quick trick for weeding a garden path.

I allowed myself half an hour to tackle both paths so I needed my secret weeding and clean up weapons.

My best tools for weeding a garden path

My trusty, dusty Ryobi line trimmer and Ryobi blower. These both run on the 18 volt battery that powers my screw gun, nailer and circular saw.  I have a few batteries so I can switch out to a new one easily when one runs out.  (this is not a sponsored post, I just really love these tools)

See that Lime Thyme to the right of the line trimmer?  I edged that with the line trimmer too, it was growing over the sidewalk and needed a hair cut to keep it in line.

 quick and easy weeding a path trick

Keep at it till the weeds are clear

It took me a couple passes with the trimmer then blower to get the paths cleaned up to my satisfaction.  I still need to chop out that holly hock, it is in the wrong spot and digging it out to replant would be impossible, they have the deepest tap root.

 quick and easy weeding a path trick

30 minutes and done

If I had tried to hand weed these paths it would take me hours instead of a mere 30 minutes.  I was able to go about the priority chores on my list today with the satisfaction of knowing this was tidied up.  I still need to take the hose and a spray nozzle to clean the dirt off the flagstone and pavers.

 quick and easy weeding a path trick

Some may think that hand weeding would’ve gotten more root out and thus prevented the weeds from returning but I have so many seeds that fall from my flowers and the birds drop seeds as well that it doesn’t matter if I get the roots of existing plants in the pathways as more will just reseed.  I need fast and easy weeding.

I may try some ground covers planted between the stepping stones.  Click here to see my favorite ground covers  They may get thick enough to choke out any weeds but that may be wishful thinking, it is worth a try.

What I really love about my Ryobi line trimmer and blower is they are light weight, easy to maneuver and don’t make my back hurt.   A fully charged battery lasts just long enough to get plenty done before I have pushed myself too far and make myself hurt the next day.  When a battery dies, I know to take a break.  I put the battery on the charger, grab some ice tea to sip for a few minutes, stretch and load a new battery in to my tool then continue on with my task.

(I was not compensated for this post, I just really love my Ryobi tools)

Next on my wish list is this Power Washer…I have some siding and a deck that can use some help.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. I too love the Ryobi line of tools. I’m on my second trimmer. I also have the blower. Also use it to clean grass off lawn mower. I do wish my garden was as easy to weed as yours.

  2. Mimzy Barnard says:

    So after looking at this I have to admit I would LOVE to have your weed problem along with the flowers! Envy your green thumb. Such beautiful paths to be lucky to walk through. Love seeing what you put together and tuck in here and there. Thank you for sharing. I am taking away some ideas . . .

  3. ❤️❤️❤️the Ryobi trimmer my only complaint is battery life. Time to get a second battery !

  4. Karen J. Quick says:

    Wow, awesome job! It looks so pretty!

  5. Smoky in my neck of the woods, too. (Novato, Marin County). Finally cleared up a bit today. Cooler weather today is delish! Good weed-pulling weather…Oxalis is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

  6. I have a Ryobi trimmer too and I love it. Maybe I need to look into getting the blower too! I love your path. I am really wanting to add some paths to my garden soon.
    🙂 gwingal

  7. I was kind of thinking the same thing about the ground covers. The creeping chamomile I transplanted out back still gets weeds popping up through it but it is just a short space so not hard to yank them out when I see them. I do have to let them get long enough to grasp before I can pull them. The blower I show is great for cleaning off decks, sidewalks and I do blow pine needles with it but their heavier duty blower is better for lots of leaves, wet leaves and yard debris. I plan on getting it soon for the heavier duty stuff but will only really need to use it a couple times a year.

  8. No, this one is super easy and I buy the line on Amazon, easy peasy. I only do easy so it isn’t a chore but pure pleasure to work (play) in my garden. 🙂

  9. I love this idea! Is it hard to change the line on your trimmer? That is usually the problem I run into and it is so frustrating to have to spend time trying to get up and going again.

  10. Pamela, great tips. I just tend to hoe everything and then rake since it is impossible for me to get our gas powered weed whacker started. I have tried ground covers but all the do is allow a place for stealthy weeds to start then you’re weeding in the plants so I recently removed all my ground covers to keep my gardens neater. I’ve been wanting to purchase the Ryobi leaf blower. Maybe I’ll buy both.

  11. ugh, yes, bind weed is the devil. I fought that when I lived in Idaho and when I lived in the San Joaquin Valley. Thankfully it has not gotten a toe hold here…..yet. Most of the weeds/plants in my pathways were seedlings or the creeping plants that got out of control from the beds.

  12. We do this as well, but not where the bindweed is – even a tiny sliver of a leaf will create another plant. Love your gardens!

  13. Thats amazing! Love that you did all that so fast. You have a beautiful yard and garden. Sometimes I wish I could hire someone to do my weeding. But in the long run what fun would that be! LOL

  14. Good clean up tips and a reminder to get out there and get it done.
    Leave the hollyhock. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and always enjoy your gardening posts. I’m a newbie garden, etc. garden blogger and would love it if you’d take a few minutes to pop over and let me know what you think.

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