Goodbye September Hello October

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Goodbye September Hello October, a bit of an update on what is going on in the garden this time of year. 

Goodbye September Hello October

It has been a grand growing season in the garden but now I am busy putting it to bed.  My Dahlias will be left in the ground and mulched heavily rather than dug up.  In my zone I am supposedly able to do that but I won’t know how successful I will be in keeping them alive until next summer.  It was my first year with Dahlias and I absolutely loved them.  I will get more this coming Spring and I bought seeds to start many from as well.  Next Summer my garden will be Dahlia heaven, or at least that is my plan.

This is an older post and I found that Dahlias do not overwinter well for me, so this is how I dig them up for winter storage.

pink with yellow center cactus dahlia, how to pinch dahlias, Flower Patch Farmhouse

I have also been busy dividing and replanting Iris, they were crowded. That is one thing I love about Iris, they are always producing more for me.

Iris Farm Visit,

September keeps me busy saving seeds for next season…Seed Saving the easy way!

Pink zinnias in wine barrel with text overlay, how to save seeds

Compost is a wonderful element that helps you build fantastically healthy soil and it is so easy to make but better yet I shared with you this easy to build compost bin.

side view of diy compost bin from cedar fence boards

So have you every rooted roses by Air Layering?  This Eden rose was the first I ever tried and it has been so successful and was super easy I know you will love trying it. 

rooted Eden rose by air layering,

If you are looking for my How to Paint articles and lessons please do hop on over to where I share many free painting lessons you may enjoy!

vintage feed sack rooster advertisement farmhouse sign

So lots in the works for October.   We should have fun!

Just for ease of use I made a playlist on my YouTube channel of Fall inspired painting tutorials.

Happy October!


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  1. Thank you, Ginene. I am having fun with sharing what I learn and it helps to know my efforts are not in vain. I hope your efforts in getting the village planted up are going well.

  2. I am always up to something. 🙂

  3. Pamela, Your blog and tutorials are growing into legend status! Everything is really wonderful, all the free information for gardeners and those who love to paint. Thank you for the wonderful gift.

  4. heather groundwater says:

    looking forward to all yournew ideas thankyou

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