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Straw Bale Garden

If you have a short growing season then a hot bed is for you. Today I will show you how to build a simpleStrawbale Hotbed ac,

Do you have a short garden season?
So do I, much too short.
So what is a garden produce lovin Gal to do?
Create a Straw Bale Garden aka A Hot Bed!

Unless I extend my season with different methods I won’t get tomatoes until late August, and though zucchini is prolific once it starts it takes forever for it to begin.
So I have tried some different things to get my produce earlier and take me longer into the Fall season.

My absolute favorite has been my straw bale hot bed.
I have used this method in a few different locations and I have always been pleased with the results.   I can grow my garden greens through much of the winter if I have a cover.
A Straw Bale Garden lets you grow garden greens through much of the winter. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comThrough the winter I grow things like spinach, kale and lettuce.  We eat a LOT of lettuce!  The soil in my straw bale garden is super rich so I can plant thickly with no problem.
Right now straw bales are going for about $7 each to give you an idea of cost for the framework.
I don’t worry about getting weed free, in fact you will get laughed at if you even ask for it at the feed store here.
My smaller beds are one straw bale wide and two long.
Straw Bale Garden bed a great raised bed system if you have hard to plant soil. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comIf you get creative you can even plant into the straw bales themselves, but I have had little success with it.
Here is how I build my Straw Bale Garden.
6 straw bales
lie two straw bales on their sides (when I say side, I mean where they sit taller than if you laid them flat.)
line up one bale at the end  of the two already in place
line up the last bale at the opposite end and you have an enclosed space
strawbale diagram001The awesome filling.
1. Start filling in at the bottom with some logs and scrap wood.  Not anything that has been treated!
2. Next I use some pine needles, leaves and chicken manure to fill in around the logs.  The logs will act as a sponge and hold water along with the side of the straw bales, that way you need a lot less water when it gets hot and dry in Summer.
3. Then I add more compost and fresh manure.
The fresh manure will help balance out the nitrogen that gets bound up by the decomposing wood and straw plus all the composting action adds heat to the growing layer.
4. Last I put in my growing soil which I buy by the truck load from a local debris yard.  They compost yard debris that people clean up from around their homes and haul to them.   I try and get this layer between 8 and 12 inches thick.  You can also use organic potting soils sold in bags at the garden centers but it is more expensive that way.
5. I water it all in and let it sit for a couple weeks.  I give it a good soak every other day unless I start early enough in the Spring then I don’t usually need to do a thing as the rains will help settle everything in and get the straw bales soaked.
6. Now plant your seeds directly in the soil or you can put plants that have already been started in pots into your bed.

I like starting seed directly.  I do put a cover on the bales and it creates a mini greenhouse effect.
Straw bale garden hot bed, great for starting heat loving plants earlier in the season for more produce all summer long. FlowerPatchfarmhouse.comMy husband built this cover, which I affectionately call the Chuck Wagon, out of old two by fours.  It is rather bulky and heavy but it has held up well for several years.  You can use many types of things to make a cover, even old windows or hog wire.  We need extra support as we get heavy, wet snows.  Even this frame needed a bit of help after some really deep snows.
Strawbale Hotbed, (5 of 16)Now I admit this is not the prettiest type raised bed but you can fix that by planting flowering vines along the outside edge or disguise it in other ingenious ways.
It doesn’t look so bad in the border..
Strawbale Hotbed Spring border, (1 of 1)This is not a permanent bed, the straw bales will decompose but it will take a few years. I use the decaying straw to help fill the next bed I build and/or use as mulch.
The soil inside the straw bale garden bed will sink as the underneath layers decompose but that is not any problem.
My tomatoes and zucchini love it in here.
Tiny seedlings getting started.
Strawbale Hotbed, (6 of 16)The grassy weeds are oat seed sprouting, I just pull them up and either lay them on top of the soil as a mulch or feed them to my chickens.
Strawbale Hotbed, (8 of 16)The raised bed with the cover is especially helpful in our unpredictable Spring weather, it can be warm and sunny during the day and then dip to freezing at night.  Or one day it is near 70 degrees and sunny and within a few days it could be snowing.
The Straw bale Raised beds with the plastic greenhouse cover keeps everybody warm and cozy no matter what the weather.
Soon everything is growing like gang busters.
Straw bale garden hot bedAnd sometimes they exceed your expectations.   This Zucchetta (Trombolina) squash I nick named Audrey from the Little House of Horrors as it just grew what seemed like a foot or more a day until it nearly swamped all other plants in the hot bed!
Straw bale garden hot bed, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.comIt just kept growing and growing…Strawbale Hotbed, (14 of 16)
The squash were oh so wonderful that year.
Strawbale Hotbed, (13 of 16)So were the tomatoes that grew in here though they did have to compete for space.

Below is another Straw Bale garden bed in different location.  It is filled with greens, broccoli, sugar snap peas and green onions.
Strawbale Hotbed, (3 of 16)Another great benefit is the beds and veggies grown in the beds are at a great height, you do not need to stoop over far to harvest, weed or tend to the raised straw bale garden.
For more raised bed ideas visit my Raised Bed Pinterest Board.

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Happy Gardening!
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