Some early Spring for you.

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Is snow still coming down in your neighborhood?  Are you ready for some flowery beauty to get you through? Come view some early Spring flowers.

I have got you covered.  I made a small jaunt to my favorite winery for a flower fix today and I thought I would share some with you.Coral Pink Tulips

I take loads of photos to have a reference for flower paintings so I always have a good excuse to wander these barrels planted with bulbs.

Want to see what the barrels full of daffodils looked like last April?  Click here for that tour: Daffodils of Ironstone 2017

Actually I was going to post a new painting video but it is still rendering in my movie editing software so you get flowers instead!

Martinette Daffodils

It was on the cooler side today in the upper 50’s but the bright sunshine and the abundant perfume from the different barrels more than made up for the lack of warmth.

Red Tulip

Some of the flowers were just beginning to open up and were just peeking out of the soil.

Click here for a tour of the Tulips of 2017 at Ironstone. 

White Hyacinths

Can’t you just smell those sweet Hyacinths??

It is divine!

Purple Hyacinths

There were some daffodils too. I just love the hint of orange along the rim of this beauty.

Daffodil with orange on the bell

I studied this white trimmed pink tulip for awhile trying to figure out how I could paint it and have it actually come out right.

Pink Stripe Tulip

The Camellias where in full bloom.  What a delight to catch them at their peak!

Pink Camellia

They have all colors.

White and Pink Camellia

There was even a striped one but I didn’t get a photo of it.  I need to go back.

Red Camillia

One last beauty shot and I will let you go…

Yellow and Red Tulips in abundance

Soon they will have tons of these barrels filled with an abundance of tulips.  They have their tried and true ones but they usually have some new varieties too so I can’t wait to see what they display!

Only about 4 weeks till Spring!  Yay!

Would you like to see more flowers when I do tour?  Let me know and I will make an extra effort.

More Ironstone Flower Tours
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  1. Would love to see more flowers! Can almost smell the hyacinths in your beautiful pics! Looking forward to more.

  2. What a fabulous display of flowers in your newsletter I looked at today. My heart melts when I see such beauty even if it’sonly a photo on a screen. I am a keen gardener but am very limited with what I can do at present. I have a sciatic nerve problem which is so painful sometimes I could scream. I look at your site regularly and always enjoy what I see.
    Thank you so much. June Gregory x

  3. Hi Barbara, there are links in the post now to other flower tours that show the barrels. All of these flowers except the Camellias were in barrels. They mass plant them.

  4. Norma Rolader says:

    Beautiful spring photos and thank you for sharing

  5. Barbara Mahanovich says:

    I could look at flowers all day, I would have loved to see the barrels as i plant in barrels also. I have to because no matter what, I cant get rid of moles, voles, and the beautiful chipmunks. Your plants are so beautiful.

  6. Linda Southworth says:

    Who can say NO to gorgeous flowers? What an uplift! I know Spring will come. 🙂

  7. I love your flower photos. We have daffodils just starting to bloom here in southeastern NC. We can’t grow tulips, because we don’t get a long enough or hard enough cold period, so seeing those was especially wonderful. I love hyacinths, too. Our camillas just quit blooming, it seems, but they’ll catch up to these eventually. Thank you for sharing your flower photos, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

  8. Lyn Pilgrim says:

    Beautiful Pamela & your Hyacinths smell lovely !! LOL

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