Tiptoe through the Tulips in Barrels

Good Morning to you!  How is Spring treating you this fine day?

Well, we got snow yesterday and I woke to frosty temps.  I can only hope my more tender garden plants did not get too frost bit.  This is not unusual in the least so we go with the flow.

I am so glad I have my photos from last weekend to enjoy and remind me what a glorious day we had walking among the barrels and barrels of flowers at Ironstone Winery. Last Sunday I shared the daffodils.

Today, come join me for some tulip treasures.

Tulips in Barrels

Now just imagine glorious sunshine, a soft, warm breeze and the sounds of happy birds serenading you as you walk along the blooms.

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

There is so much to see that you must refrain from rushing to the next beautiful barrel spilling over with blossoms.

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

Pace yourself and gaze at the gorgeous violets…then fiery oranges.

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

The paths meander and lead you along to more…you can’t help but wonder what delights are right around the corner.

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

So you slowly follow and find pretty pinks.

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

Then lemony yellow…

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

and no matter what the color combos sitting next to one another they never clash.  Shapes differ as well, some are softly rounded then you have these spiky looking cultivars.

The petals look nearly sharp enough to cut you.

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

Then next come some with their soft petals open wide as if welcoming you to their home. I think I hear them singing “Be Our Guest”, don’t you?

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

Some even have little feathery fringe.

Tulips in Barrels at Ironstone

Have you had enough?  I know, if you are like me there is never enough.  And you know what else made this walk even more enjoyable?  Along the way there are barrels of these sweet smelling beauties tucked in among the tulips and daffodils to add that extra bit of delight.

Hyacinths in Barrels at Ironstone

Their perfume keeps you company adding to the wonder of it all.  I know if find visiting Ironstone with all their lovely barrels such an enjoyable experience.  Where I live we get late snows that usually crush or freeze my daffodils, hyacinths and tulips so I really don’t get to enjoy them in my home garden long.  In fact I had to rush out and cut what daffodils and hyacinths I did have growing on Friday since I knew we had snow and freezing temps predicted for this weekend.  They do make a wonderful bouquet for my table.

This year I planted my new tulips in pots so I was able to take them inside during the weather and I can put them back out tomorrow.  Next year I am going to plant hyacinths in pots too.

I hope you enjoy my bit of Spring this fine day.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Last year, I was fortunate to be in Holland, MI for the tulip festival… what a treat. Thanks for your writings and instruction, neighbor.


    1. I am sure that was a sight to see! Hope you are well. I think I read somewhere that you had fallen and injured yourself. Seems like accidents are going around, kinda like the flu. 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous. Thank you for coloring my day.

    1. You are most welcome. It was enjoyable to go back through the photos myself on a cold morning.

  4. Beautiful! And I thought the use of the wine barrels was a great idea. By the time the wind and unpredictable freezing is done this yea, my hyacinths and tulips will be done in. Don’t you just love the parrot tulips?

    1. I love all the tulips, so hard to pick. We can get the unpredictable freezing up to the third weekend in May so we all know having early blooming plants is a risk but sometimes worth it. I have a ton of red emperor tulips lining the perimeter of my front garden and so far they are faring well even with the harsh weather lately. They have not opened yet, just in bud but still look healthy enough.

  5. Lyn Pilgrim says:

    WOW all so beautiful thank-you for sharing Pam, Lyn x

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