Planting Winter Gem Boxwood and Planning for a Blooming Border

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Welcome back to Flower Patch! Today, we’re embarking on an exciting project: planting a beautiful Winter Gem boxwood hedge in the front border.

This addition will not only provide evergreen charm but also serve as a delightful contrast during the winter months. Let’s dive into the process.

Boxwood  - Green garden balls in France,

Choosing the Right Plants:

The Winter Gem boxwood plants I am planting were discovered on the bargain rack at Lowe’s and I snapped them up.

I have been planning on planting some boxwood hedges throughout the garden for the elegant element they create and how they bring a sense of calm to an otherwise chaotic cottage garden. (watch the video at the end of this post for the step-by-step)

Plus I love the touch of evergreen beauty they add to the landscape during the drab winter months. Winter Gem boxwood not only keeps its green color all winter long but they are usually widely available.

I have started boxwoods from cuttings and had planned on starting more for this but these potted plants were too good of a deal to pass up!

Note: There are a lot of varieties of boxwood available, do a bit of research to find one that will suit your growing conditions. I also have Green Mountain which grows more upward than out and is perfect for topiary.

Beautiful boxwood hedge around rose garden at Filoli, text overlay How to Root boxwood cuttings, create a beautiful hedge on a budget, Flower Patch Farmhouse

Preparing the Plants

Before planting, the boxwoods were soaked for half an hour in an organic growth stimulant. This step helps to ensure the plants get off to the best start possible as it mitigates transplant shock and helps the roots establish more swiftly.

Measuring and Placement

Careful planning involved measuring and placing the pots to ensure they were at the perfect distance from each other and the porch.

A 36-inch center-to-center spacing was chosen for a balanced and harmonious layout.

woman measuring for placement of Winter Gem boxwoods

You can plant them closer together but I may wish to leave them in ball shapes rather than a straight hedge.

Spacing them at 36-inch centers leaves room not only for them to reach their full potential but I can fit in pretty groundcover or shorter growing annuals, if I choose.

Planting Winter Gem Boxwood

My soil has been enriched through the years with compost and I don’t use starter fertilizers, they are unnecessary.

With rich, well-worked soil, the planting process was a breeze. Each boxwood was placed in its designated spot, ensuring the roots loosened and were well-positioned for optimal growth.

loosening roots of boxwood plant before planting in soil
loosening roots

The instructions on the pots said to dig a hole twice the width of the pot but since my soil is in such great condition, loose, well-draining, and rich, that is not necessary for me.

But if your soil is a bit on the tougher side or is heavy clay then digging in some compost and loosening the soil twice the size of the root ball would be a good idea.

Plant the boxwoods where the crown of the plant is even or slightly above the soil level.

Watering and Final Touches

After planting, the boxwoods were thoroughly watered to help settle the soil and provide the plants with the hydration they needed for a strong start.

This is a good time to add mulch to dress it up and provide a bit of protection as winter is approaching.

Future Plans and Ideas

There’s room for one more boxwood, which can be grown from cuttings or transplanted from another area. I can also most likely find on at another garden center.

The design of the front border is still under consideration, I have sown some daisies and black-eyed susans here to germinate and bloom next summer.

But I also am thinking about possibly adding climbing roses and or some hostas.

The addition of boxwoods to this front border is a promising step towards creating a visually appealing garden space that looks good even in winter or as the winter snows melt into Spring when everything else is looking drab and sad.


Planting boxwoods in the front border here at Flower Patch is a testament to the beauty and potential of even the simplest of landscaping projects.

By carefully selecting, preparing, and placing the Winter Gem boxwood plants, a foundation has been set for a stunning display in the coming seasons.

Stay tuned for updates on how this garden space transforms and thrives. Remember, every garden project is an opportunity for creativity and growth!

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