She Shed cottage clearing and painting – $100 Room Challenge

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Clearing the clutter and touching up paint in the She shed cottage studio.

This is week two of the $100 Room Challenge. This week I focused on clearing out the clutter that was stacked on the floor and cleaning around the sink area where I rinse my brushes after each painting session. 

I wanted to share my Mood board for this space. I am new at this sort of thing but it does help as far keeping me focused.

Though when you just review the photos and video here you really don’t see the progress.  But when you compare it to last week when I first started you gain more perspective of how much headway I have made.

You can check out week one here

Studio cottage she shed

To get started I decided to tackle the area to the right of the doors first and work my way around the room.

Sink area refreshed

The sink area is use every time I paint and it was cluttered with brushes and cleaners stacked around it.

I removed the clutter and painted the base. The top is slate and I won’t be able to remove the paint stuck to it unless I take some solvent, if and when I do that it will be when I can have the windows open for fresh air.

Until then it will stay paint splattered.

art brush washing sink

I repainted the walls around the sink that had paint splatters on it.

Next I cleaned out underneath (found where all the spiders are getting in and plugged it) and I am thinking some short curtains on spring rods to hid what is store under the sink. This is where I keep my dustpan, extra paint sticks and other cleaning supplies.

Create storage

I priced shelf brackets then decided to build a rustic crate/box I am going to turn into a shelf to set above the sink.

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I used fence boards I had on hand. They are wonky and not uniform in size but the box came together beautifully in less than 30 minutes. Once it is painted and on the wall you will never know it is not engineered to perfection.

See the paper towel holder behind the crate? That is what will sit on top of the shelf above the sink.

In the video I show you what color I am painting this box.

diy rustic crate box ready to be painted

Cleared clutter

Slowly I am getting items put up. The most dramatic chore done this week was getting lots of clutter off the floor so I can move around more freely to put things where they go.

Rethinking furniture

The paint shelf on the wall I am debating about. You can see how I bult that in the past post.

These are paints I don’t use often and I should put them in a box somewhere else and this desk beneath it may be relocated too.

I had thought to use it as my main painting table but it just wasn’t what I needed and I resorted to going back to my thrift store table in the center of the room. Now this desk has just become a catch all.

The book case on the back wall is great storage but tends to look cluttered. I have a couple options in mind.

One is to build more rustic crates / boxes to hold what is on the shelves, effectively disguising them. That will go far it making it look tidier and/or I can put up a pretty curtain over it.

Oh, yes, those boob lights need to go! This part is the underneath of the loft and I cringe every time I see these lights.

So that is my progress so far and even if the change doesn’t translate well in photos I can really tell I have made headway. The video gives you a better overview and is about 5 minutes long so check it out for more.

Budget Recap

So how am I doing on my budget?

  • Paint for walls and crate shelf (had on hand) ——- 0
  • Crate shelf built (materials on hand)——- 0
  • Clearing clutter (good exercise yet free) —— 0

Total spent so far —– 0 So still have $100 left

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Time to check out what others have gotten done this past week!

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What have you been working on?

Until next time….

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  1. Cleaning certainly makes a space feel different. Love your sink area… the “vanity” (not sure what exactly to call it) is super cute. Keep on going! You are doing awesome!

  2. What an amazing space you have!! Decluttering is such a big job and you’re making such great progress! Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  3. Decluttering is a tough job sometimes! Especially because I want to hang on to absolutely everything for just in case. I cant wait to see this space finished!

  4. I love this space. I can’t wait to see your finished room. I loved the video. I need one of those paper towel holders!

  5. You have done great so far I have always wanted a she shed but my neighborhood HOA does not allow them, LOL go figure.

  6. Sometimes getting motivated to de-clutter is the hardest part! Looking forward to seeing the ideas you have for the rest of the space

  7. I like your idea of a skirt around the sink. You have really good ideas for how you want to organize your zones. I bet you are pretty excited to replace the boob lights with some lights that really give you the light you want to work in. My daughter would absolutely be ga-ga over this room. Can’t wait to see how you make this work for you.

  8. I am still so jealous of you space. It is going to look amazing. The hardest job is cleaning and organization with any project. You are doing a great job.

  9. Pamela, I love watching the video of your gorgeous she shed makeover. You have some really good ideas and I’m excited to see it all unfurl.

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