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Paint a Stepping Stone Flower

Paint a stepping stone flower to pretty up those drab concrete pavers.  Create whimsical garden art you can walk on and enjoy even when there are no blooms yet!

The other day I was working in my Secret Garden, laying out a paved area under an arbor.   I am using the 12 x 12 concrete pavers. Thinking they looked so bland I wanted to add a bit of whimsy to them. I decided I wanted to paint a stepping stone flower.

paint a stepping stone into a flower, (10 of 23)

I remembered a book I had tucked away somewhere by Lin Wellford on painting stepping stones with flowers and butterflies so I tracked it down.  She did hers on round pavers but I figured I could make the square ones work just fine.

I started with some Zinser Bulls Eye paint (I had it on hand), I laid it on thick to help fill in the crevices a bit.  These pavers are very pitted.  She explains to hand draw a 5 pointed star in the middle.  Mine is a little wonky but I tell myself I like things that way.  Draw out lines from the points of the star then draw some slightly curved wavy lines along the outer edges to mimic petals.

Paint a concrete stepping stone into a flower. Easy and an oh so fun way to dress up those drab pavers.

I thought about leaving the background white but her photos in the book showed the flowers really popping against the black so I decided to follow her directions on this one.  So, as you see I added the black.  I used regular bottled craft acrylic.

paint a stepping stone into a flower, (4 of 23)

I chose a violet color for the petals since I am sticking with pinks, purples and blues in my Secret Garden.   I used these white nylon brushes, these are my ‘go to’ brushes for base painting or doing large flowers, painting furniture.  The light weight is easy on the hands and wrists when doing a large piece and I seem to have more control.  I have also found these at JoAnn’s, look in the craft paint department.

paint a stepping stone into a flower, (5 of 23)

I added the shading and highlights as directed in her book.

paint a stepping stone into a flower, (6 of 23)

Some fuchsia in the center with some details.  It is the details that make projects like this come together.  And they disguise flaws too.

paint a stepping stone into a flower, (8 of 23)

Once it is fully dry I will seal it with a few coats of Exterior Varathane.  I will coat all sides even the back to inhibit the concrete from absorbing water and lifting the paint from the back.  Even so being out in the weather all the time will still do it some damage but I can always repaint.  I should try this with Patio Paint and see if it lasts longer.
What do you think?

I can’t wait to do some butterflies, the ones Lin Wellford has in her book are just beautiful.

UPDATE: I have painted the butterflies and I love them, check out the posts below for more!

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Happy Painting!



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Natural Stone

Monday 27th of July 2020

Thank you very much for sharing about paint a stepping stone flower, it’s difficult for me to get such kind of information most of the time always… I really hope I can work on your tips and it works for me too, I am happy to come across your article.

Gail tunick

Saturday 28th of July 2018

I love this idea. It is so creative

Jane Morley

Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Stepping stone painting is such a great idea. Will definitely do this.


Thursday 20th of July 2017

Love the stones and the colors you used! Can't wait to see your Secret Garden when completed and I love the colors you will use for it.


Tuesday 14th of March 2017

Did you have to apply a sealer on the concrete pavers before painting? If so, what kind? I want to try but am worried the concrete will just soak in the paint. I want to paint a stone for each of my 20 Grandkids then glue/seal the inner edges to form a cube to make a flower planter. Need any help you can give me on the painting... Thanks!


Tuesday 14th of March 2017

I used Zinser paint which is a sealing paint for concrete in white, that is how I sealed it. Then after I paint them I seal them with the exterior varathane. Some say you don't have to seal if you use the outdoor acrylics but I have yet to try them. I hope this helps. I am going to do more butterflies soon. I still want to do the Blue Morpho.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.