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DIY Kitchen Herb Garden

DIY Kitchen Herb Garden, planted in a simple to build crate. Customize it with paint for a fun decor statement and herbs at your back door!

DIY Kitchen Herb Garden.  As fun to use as it is to create.  Step by step on how to plant your crate up and links to how to build.

Plant a kitchen herb garden in a crate and place at your back door,
Hello everybody, I am so glad you enjoyed my hand painted kitchen garden crate.   Now on to planting it up.
I wanted a kitchen herb garden so that is what I planted.  I got six packs of a couple of the herbs at the local garden center (though you could so easily start these from seeds yourself earlier on in the year as I do HERE or just plant the seeds right in the box and wait for your herbs to come on up!)

Let’s start with the box.  In my DIY tutorial I showed how I left a gap in the bottom.  To prevent the soil from just falling through I place coffee filters over it, layering as I go. Coffee filters will let water out but for drainage but keep the soil in.

Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden,
I overlap the filters a bit until the entire space is covered.

Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden in a DIY crate from cedar fence boards,
I failed to photograph the next step but I put about an inch deep layer of perlite in next.  It aids in preventing the roots from drowning if I get too generous with water or if we get a lot of rain.
Now add your soil.  I use an organic mix that has proven to work very well for me and it is called Espoma Organic Potting Mix.  But you always have the option of making your own which I have in the past.  But for ease and speed go ahead and get this one.  For edibles don’t get any potting soil with fake stuff in it like the moisture retaining gels or chemicals.
I filled mine to about an inch or inch and a half from the top.

Plant a back door kitchen herb garden in a crate,
Then pop in your plants.  I chose to put in 3 basil, 3 flat leafed parsley, 6 cilantro (coriander), 1 creeping Rosemary and then some Scallion seeds to the far left which will hopefully pop up soon.

Plant a kitchen herb garden at your backdoor in this DIY crate.
I used creeping Rosemary so it would trail over the side taking up less room than a larger Rosemary plant.  I use Rosemary very sparingly so this will be just right.
You could easily use this to plant microgreens too.

Plant a kitchen herb garden in this DIY crate,
I am going to build another just for that.  Or maybe one full of lettuce, that way when it gets too hot in the sun I can move it to a shady spot and keep my lettuce growing.  Cut and come again lettuce would work perfect.
I have been cleaning out the greenhouse, it got a little cluttered for a bit but now I have room to work on some things.
Like a Succulent planter in a galvanized bucket.  More soon…

Mini garden in a galvanized bucket.
Happy Planting!


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