Build Your Own Crafting Cottage or Garden Shed

Do you have Happy Place?
If not…
Got a spot in the back yard??? 

Build yourself one….

DIY Garden or Craft Cottage with plansMy sweet husband and I built this lovely little cottage together.
My brother in law helped too in setting it up on site.
If you wish to see this being built, click on title below

My Fabulous Creative Space!
It has been my favorite place to get away to ever since it was built in 2005, even when it looks like a tornado has struck inside.
(like now)
It has weathered all sorts of trials and tribulations..
From frigid snow…and lots of it..

to Trees taken down around it and one large log nipping the roof’s edge

And my jungle of a garden trying to over take it…

studio late July1
When we first set it up there was nothing much around it but the tall, tall trees..

brandspankin new
What a difference the years have made.
Did you believe me when I said it looks like a tornado whipped thru???
I guess a picture is worth a thousand words…
okay here gooooooes…

I’d wager you did not expect THIS!
I confess, I need an intervention.

Actually, what I really need is a full week at home with no one calling me needing me to do something else.
Today I will be working in here, though I cannot spend the time needed to tidy it up.
I have a boat load of orders I must get filled and I only have today and tomorrow off and tomorrow is filled with other responsibilities.
So today I must paint and ignore the mess, once again.
Soon I plan to have a post ready of this looking spic and span.
(but then I have had that plan all summer long)


Even when it is buried in clutter my little cottage/studio is still one of my favorite places to be.
I have included to plans to build yourself one.
(My handsome hubby worked long and hard trying to make the plans simple as he can)
Click on the photos with the captions of Free Plans or use the button in my side bar.
If you build one, I would love for you to share your photos with me.
Off I go, to paint and create. 

Until next time…






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A Joyful Cottage, Sunday Showcase


    • 2


      It is a great space and well worth waiting for. If ever I have to move from this house I will have to take it with me. Somehow, someway!

  1. 3

    Pondside says

    What a beautiful little studio. You bet I am printing off the plans! About five years ago my husband started to build me a little studio cottage. I should have been suspicious when it was built so close to the chicken coop. Turns out it was to be a house for new chicks – so much for my studio!

  2. 5

    Barbaralilian-infrance says

    What a cute little cottage to hide away in, doing all the things you love. Even as you say …. is in a mess . I’d love to have a haven where I could just leave everything I was working on ready for the next time. I’m sure you know where everything is :) Happy painting.

    • 6


      LOL, you are so right, I do know where everything is and can put my hand on it within seconds of needing it. :) I had a grand time painting yesterday and I will do more this afternoon.

  3. 7

    Barb Rosen says

    Cute as can be! This is the perfect little studio, workshop, office, et al! Thanks for keeping it real too on the interior – creativity can be messy : )

    • 8


      Yes, that is a sign I want to make myself…it reads “creativity is messy, and I am very creative”. Honestly, it is not normally this bad but I have been working long hours this summer when usually the cabin cleaning is slow. The pay out is good so I am not complaining but I have had to fit in working in my studio after hours. For some reason that makes my messier than usual. :)

  4. 9

    Being Me says

    Oh this took my breath away! This is going on my bucket list. It would be so nice to have the clutter out of the house. And the beauty this adds to your property, not to mention the value. I am curious, did this really raise your tax assessment? Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Being Me

    • 10


      I have not noticed that it raised the tax assessment. And the assessor has been here in the last year for our refinance. So far, so good. I don’t think she went inside so maybe she thought it just a garden shed. :P

  5. 15

    ArtHouse says

    This is precious! What are the approximate interior dimensions? Thank you all so much for posting these free directions!!

  6. 16

    Melanie says

    Lucky, lucky girl! This is adorable! You must be so proud of the fabulous job you’ve done. Your wee cottage is a Small House Swoon!

  7. 18

    CarolAnn says

    Your flowers make the cottage even more special! Like a lovely old English setting- All you need is tea and crumpets on the porch! I just turned a room in my home into a craft/sewing/painting space and love it- added a big window for lots of light- now if I just had time to get in there and “do my thing”! LOVE your spot!

    • 19


      I know what you mean, I have not had time to really enjoy my space this year but it is always there for me when I do get a slip of time. Tea and crumpets on the porch sounds heavenly. :)

  8. 20


    Love your darling lil shed, and it is hard to have everything looking great when you are busy creating………….

    It looks great in all seasons, and what a blessing.

    Blessings, Nellie

  9. 21

    Trish says

    Absolutely gorgeous! It’s the perfect size for my glass studio. Thank you so much for generously sharing the plans also!


  10. 23

    Marcela says

    Too cute. I love it! The fact that it survives even cold seasons is good news! Do you work in it in the Winter? How do you keep it warm in there?

    • 24


      Yes, I do work in it in winter. I have a little radiant wall heater that is 400 watts that runs 24/7 in mid winter and if I need extra heat on super cold days I have another little heater to turn on. My studio is well insulated so it does well. It costs me about $40 a month in winter to keep it heated. Our lows in winter average in the low 30′s sometimes lower.

  11. 29


    A long time dream of mine is to have a little cottage just like yours. We live in a little cottage at the beach where the lots are super small so there is no room.

    What kills me is that at our old house, we had a shed where a former owner had birds. It had electricity and running water. Boy, if I still lived there, it would be the absolute cutest little cottage for crafting.

    • 34


      I am sure your husband would love to build you one. And it is so nice to be able to leave the studio cottage, shut the door on the work in progress when you have to go back to the house.

  12. 39

    Romy says

    Oh, just fell in love:) This is absolutely adorable and goes on my wish list immediately! We do have the space in our garden, but my man has two left hands:( hmmm…. will have to find someone to set this up. I do have a favorite place in the house that is my creative oasis but this would definitely be heaven with great light and a door to close with a big “don’t disturb, magic at work” sign:) thank you so much for sharing. now off to explore the rest of you lovely blog:)

  13. 41

    Kathy says

    Looks like my craft room inside! :-) What a cute little crafting cottage. My dad has been building a huge playhouse out back for my two girls, but now I think I might take it over when they grow up!

    • 42


      Great idea. What a great grandpa! We had a playhouse at our grandparents house, it was a simple little thing but we had more fun in it.

  14. 43


    Pamela, I love your happy space! I have a craft room, but a potting shed is on my wish list. I have the perfect spot set aside up on a hill. This is so darn cute. Love it! A place like this would make anyone smile. Have fun creating. The cleaning will wait! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this coming week.

    • 44


      Thank you Jann. I have a greenhouse too that my hubby just finished moving (he says it is the last time) for me. I love that space too. Oh and thanks for the feature too. :)

  15. 45


    it’s very adorable but how can you get anything done? It looks like a doll house, how much fun to have your very own private creative space!

    • 46


      I know, hard to believe I can accomplish much but amazingly enough I do. I need to share some of the signs I finished just this week, just need to find the time. ;)

  16. 53


    That is adorable!! It looks like a minature dollhouse in the one picture where it is covered in snow! What a great space to create in!!

    • 54


      It is very lovely to be in when the snow is falling and rain, for that matter, the rain makes the most melodious sound when hitting the tin roof.

  17. 57


    Amazing! Just amazing! I am so pinning this for one day in the future for I don’t know when, lol. Thank your husband so much for making up these plans. I would love to make this some day.

    • 58


      It is a great addition to anyone’s property, I dreamed a long time before I got mine but here is the dreams coming true!!! Keep on dreamin’.

  18. 63


    This is my dream home in a smaller version, right down to the color and the color of the trim. Dear Hubby has got the floor plans and plans to give them a look. That would be such an awesome little space to call my own crafting spot;) Love your
    Cottage Pamela. Creativity isn’t always tidy (at least that is MY story and I’m sticking to it).

    • 64


      Despite the ‘untidiness’ I know exactly where everything is. Though I have been working on tidying it up a little each day as signs ship out.

    • 68


      We built this 8 years ago so it is hard for us to estimate by todays prices. But for reference, with it completed with the interior done too it was approx. $5000.

  19. 69


    I am so into tiny spaces. I had a tiny home built that is 8 feet wide by 18 feet long. There is an attached 6′ x 8′ covered front porch making the total of my tiny house 24 feet long. It is on wheels so it can be moved anywhere. I would love to see the plans on your tiny garden shed but am not able to locate where I can obtain them. Thanks for sharing this darling little space. I especially love the gingerbread work. It adds a lovely touch.

    • 70


      There is a link in my side bar, it is the photo of my studio. That will take you to the file to download. Your little house sounds fun.

    • 72


      The inside is slowly coming together again, it goes in waves, messy then a bit tidied up. I am getting my sign orders shipped out so that helps to eliminate what looks like clutter.

  20. 73

    Boo says

    I am frothing at the mouth to start my first outdoor building like this! I want to make my first one into a ‘guest cottage’ and then go from there, since we have 42 acres. They sell these pre-fab wood sheds all around here, complete with porches, front doors, etc (you can pretty much choose the layout, size, number/style of doors windows, size of porch, type of roof, etc. – they start at around $3500 and go up a bit more. They even do 3 year, ‘no credit check’ financing on them. This type of outdoor space is HUGELY popular for all sorts of things like guest accommodations, crafting, potting, etc. My real dream is to start a business designing and selling these tiny outdoor buildings. I’ve already collected some vintage appliances and kitchen sink bases for when I finally get my first building, which will be a ‘studio’ apartment type building with a Murphy bed. Still trying to figure out which way to go with the ‘plumbing’….but maybe for now, people can just come inside to use the loo.

    • 74


      We always figured we could live in it if we just added a ‘loo’. :) I think that would be a great business. Get the costs down by doing it in bulk and you have a winner.

  21. 75


    I absolutely love it! I really like that the inside is not pristine and picture perfect – It shows that you actually create!!!! I LOVE IT! We have two sheds in our back yard, I am forwarding this to my husband so he’ll see that turning it into a “studio” is not crazy. Trisha

  22. 77


    LOL – I can SOOOO relate. If it’s not real estate keeping me busy, my grandkids are over or my senior mom and I have to do something or blogging is screaming, “I need your attention.” :) And those are all so much more necessary (and fun) :)

    I love your cottage! When I first saw it, I thought it might be a granny cottage / mother-in-law suite. Even though it’s not, it could certainly be handy for a multigenerational family in one home – giving some quiet respite to one who is working out there. I’m sharing this on Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter – it’s just so cute! Thank you for sharing it with all of us :)

    • 78


      I love sharing my ‘little getaway’ spot. It still looks like a tornado struck inside and my goal of getting it cleaned out continues on the back burner. We have talked about putting in a “water closet” out the back with a composting toilet but that is still just talk. The exercise running in to the house to use the bathroom is good for me anyways. Thank you so much for taking the time to share and let me know how much you enjoyed my little cottage.

  23. 79


    Pamela, your studio is over the top charming. I love it. And how wonderful that you’re offering free building plans. Thanks so much for sharing this at Every Room In The House. I’ll be featuring your studio on June 1 at A Joyful Cottage. I hope you’ll stop by then. Cheers ~ Nancy

  24. 81

    Jesse says

    I have just started looking at small, or micro houses, including shed plans that I can convert into livable space. Your design is well thought out and looks very nice. Congrats on a nice build!


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