Paint a Blue Pansy on a Bar of Soap

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Paint a Blue Pansy on a Bar of Soap

Paint a Blue Pansy on a Bar of Soap. How to Paint Flowers on Bars of Soap. Great DIY gifts, decor and just plain fun! Create beautiful miniature paintings on soap with craft paints.

or any color pansy you choose.  I had a reader request to take you step by step through painting this design on a bar of soap and here you go.  It is a combo of leaves, a pansy, some buds and little white daisies as filler flowers.

If you wish to view a step by step photo post on painting pansies you can find that HERE

How to paint a Pansy, Paint a Blue Pansy on a Bar of Soap

For supplies here is what I used for this post:

Paint, Plaid Folk Art Multi Surface
Light Blue (or mix white with the Cobalt for a lighter blue)
Fresh Foliage (citrus Green works great too)
Wicker White
Yellow Ochre
Daffodil Yellow

Mod Podge

I have linked the paint colors for your convenience, your local hobby store should carry these. Watch for sales and coupons and you can really save the $$$ on paints.

Wash Basin for cleaning brushes

Now on with the video, actually there are two in one.


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Happy Painting!

How to Paint a Pansy on a Bar of Soap Easy painting lesson Tutorial

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  1. Lorraine Morrow says:

    Thank you so much for doing this video on the pansy and the daisies! I tried it and it turned out pretty good for a first attempt! I tried using a filbert brush rather than a flat for the daisies and that was easier for me. I don’t quite have the technique down with a flat. I also used phylo blue for the dark and cobalt for the light. This was really fun! Please keep posting videos of beautiful flowers for us online! You are very a very talented artist and patient teacher!

  2. joann loomis says:

    how does the paint stay on the soap if it gets wet

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