November Garden Tour

I have been remiss in showing you my garden lately so I am making up for that now.  November garden tour here we come!

Here it is nearly mid-November and I have totally dropped the ball on my garden journal. I meant to keep it up until first snow flies.  September and October brought in some cooler temps and my roses, dahlias and other plants loved the reprieve.

Red dahlia, November garden journal

I treated myself to some red dahlia tubers last Spring and boy did they deliver. (I found them at Costco)

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of my Dahlias over the past couple months.  I love them all but I must say I was completely wow’ed by Cafe au Lait! I am definitely going to divide that tuber and have more of them next year.

Dahlias struck by frost

Speaking of dividing dahlias, we had our first frost and it killed off the top growth..

So now it is time for the big Dahlia dig up.  I will share how I do that and how I keep the tubers safe over winter.  I share with you last Spring how I propagate Dahlias from cuttings but this time I will show how I divide the tubers and why I wait for the first frost to dig them up.

Though my tender plants are looking done in I still have plenty to keep things pretty. My zonal geraniums are still blooming beautifully.

Bright pink zonal geranium, Garden Journal

I have several I started from seed and some I picked up when I found a color I had to have.  I find them for $5 or less, cheaper than a pricey coffee so I don’t feel bad buying myself some happiness. Like this one below, this is a more coral than pink.  I will keep my eye on the weather reports so I know when to bring this in to overwinter.

Peachy zonal gerainium

Petunias filled many of my post this summer but they were done so I replaced them with Pansies and violas. Both of which will over winter just fine and be full of lovely color in Spring. 

These are the violas I had in pots last winter then I popped them in the ground when I wanted to use that pot again. I may dig them up and put them back in pots for winter on my deck so I can enjoy them close up.

Violas, FlowerPatchFarmhouse garden journal

Another project I am working on is filling these new metal raised beds I bought on Amazon. I love them!  They were easy to put together, sturdy and completely portable if I choose to move them.
I like the size, this area is curved and I can place them around the perimeter.  I will also plant between them. They are a little grubby, I have been letting my chickens free range and they love the dry dirt in this area, they fling it everywhere as the dust bathe.

Metal raised beds.

I nearly have them filled and though it is late in the season I am going to seed some lettuce and cover it with my fish tank as a mini greenhouse and see how that goes.

I mentioned that most of my petunias have bit the dust but I must say I am really sold on these Vista Bubblegum pink Petunias by Proven Winners.  They keep on going. They are in wine barrels by the side entrance to our porch.  I am just letting them be until they really get zapped with cold then I will put them out.  I don’t have anything in particular I wish to plant here right now anyways.

Vista Bubble Gum pink petunias in wine barrels.
Exotic dancer thanksgiving cactus. Schlumbergera truncata

My Exotic Dancer Thanksgiving Cactus (Schlumbergera truncata)has been blooming and it has been such a bright spot in my studio cottage.  

My true Chrismas cactus has buds on it too.  I do love my Christmas cactus but it does not bloom as prolifically as the Thanksgiving cactus’ do.

Well that is all I have time for this beautiful Sunday morning.  I hope to get the Dahlia dig up post done this week for you.

Cactus dahlia, garden journal FlowerPatchFarmhouse

They are well worth the work.

Happy Gardening!

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